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September 23, 2017 7:49 am

250News Establishes A New Record

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 @ 10:02 AM
Once again 250News is showing yet another banner year. Year to date, July 1st , 2012 to July 31st 2013, 250 News has surpassed its wildest dreams in audience.


During that period 250 News had 646,021 unique IP addresses  visit our site with 3,614,398 visits.  If you consider that  often one IP address  is dedicated to more than one computer, the  number of people accessing 250News is both impressive, and humbling.


That eclipses the old record set in 2012, of 600,680 unique IP addresses coming to read 250News.


According to marketing sources across Canada that clearly puts 250News into the top read in the region from Williams Lake north to Ft Nelson, and from Prince Rupert east to the Alberta border. Interestingly Victoria and Vancouver continue to show a large audience.  


We are proud of that growth and contribute it to you the reader setting us as your home page and returning every day to read our news.


 250News Publisher, Elaine Meisner, says  the credit goes to the readers, "Once again, thank you for your participation, we look forward to providing you with up to the minute news, views , sports and other services long into the future".


You’re welcome. :)

Yes, love it and glad to see your going to continue doing the great news coverage job you do!! I wish the city would cooperate more…

Awesome job guys, 250 is the first place I go for my news.

“Interestingly Victoria and Vancouver continue to show a large audience”

Probably checking in by all of those PG ex-pats that didn’t let the door hit their butt on the way out, LOL ;)

Ditto! Our IP address is dedicated to three computers. Congratulations for having the idea for a unique great concept!

Other than Bens “one mans opinion” bit, what exactly is unique about this site? I hear the exact same headlines when I listen to the radio news on 99.3. There is very little original content, it is mostly gleened from other sources on the net, such as their “classified section”. Lets face it, this is not exactly an award winning design on this site, unless there is an award for the most blinking ads per page. I only come here to read the stories because the citizen is even worse. PGs web presence whether it be news or retail has to get itself out of the 90s and do some upgrading. There are very few local businesses that have a website that has any real information of value, most of them just say to contact them or drop in and supply a location address.

i feel bad now, having posted links to 250news stories all over the place.
i never really considered that i was creating added stress on the servers.

It used to be possible to check on Alexa the readers demographic distribution of this site, the fluctuations and compare it with other sites like princegeorgecitizen.com. The data is still available for PG citizen, but not any more for this site. hmm?

The last time I checked it, around 60% of audience of this site was from Canada and I noted a large audience from Pakistan. More male readers, more reading from work, and less with higher degrees (compared to the general audience on the Internet). This contrasts with data for PG citizen with more female and with more reading from home (compared to the general audience).

NMG wrote: “Probably checking in by all of those PG ex-pats that didn’t let the door hit their butt on the way out, LOL ;)

Nope… no door marks on my posterior… ;-)

But to be critical of the stats, they should also say that people check in from home, work and mobile devices. That’s three IPs.. one person.

Humour and stats aside… it’s a great site.

comparing this site to the citizen’s site is no contest.
the citizen is bulky and cluttered.
250 news is succinct, and this comment feature is much cleaner, simpler.
still, both sites are pale in comparison to the okanagan fare, http://www.castanet.net
we have a proper forum there, where we can actually discuss things at length.

Hey univ, please explain how Alexa knows the gender of, and location from which viewers read 250 or any other site for that matter.

Can’t be done unless the readers are answering questions asked by that website. Anyone here ever been asked a question by Alexa?

and not be cut off a day later from commenting a_britishcolumbian?

the castanet mods are bigoted idiots that will beat on you until you conform, true. i suggest one should set up two accounts, one to use when your other one is on punishment.
once you figure out their hot buttons they are easy enough to avoid. also, if you confess, promise to try not to ‘re offend’ they will take you off punishment quick enough.
the format is the attraction.

Awesome job!!! main news site for me.

Lived in Vernon for 5 months and agree castanet is a very good site focussing on the okanagan. Well done for the opinion250 site.

But: I like this site just the way it is, simple, uncluttered, easy to navigate and generally very accurate. Its sort of like the old Hotmail. I hated it when they forced everyone using it to change to Outlook. That site is simply a nuisance.

So please leave this site just the way it is, afterall if all those people using it thought it was boring, they’d probably be somewhere else.

Great job Ben et al, nice to see you getting the recognition!

My job takes me out of town where I don’t have the pleasure of local radio. I have 250 on my main screen of my smart phone and it is my only link to news I have been very satisfied with the coverage. Keep up the great reporting Thanks for always being quick and updating often.

also of note, when one comments on castanet, one has the ear/eye of the premier’s office, if not the whole bc ‘government’.
checking the cop mike morris’ webpage and the ‘old pro’ shirley bond’s web page, one wonders if they monitor their constituency at all. neither has published anything of their own since being sworn in.
i’m not sure what transparency means to them, but in my lexicon it involves communication.

a_britishcolumbian, you can take it to the bank that those in office monitor O250 and virtually every other similar website out there ;)

I don’t know the methodology Alexa uses for gender and other categories. I suspect they use simplified version of data mining techniques that companies like Amazon, ebay and Macy’s use to profile their customers.

Alexa’s profiles are not very accurate in comparison to NSA which uses way more intelligent techniques based on text and speech that users communicate online (email, comment, click, phone …)

Thank you to Elaine, Ben and staff for keeping us all updated on the news when it happens. This is the site I go to first thing in the morning hen several times a day. It keeps one I touch :)
Bravo to you all!

I live in Quesnel, and you are always the first place I go to for news! Our own local media never posts information ahead of you guys! Congrats on the numbers and confirmation of your success! Keep up the great work!

A great site, hasn’t changed a bit since 2005!

Congratulations Elaine and Ben. Keep up the good work.

kudos to Elaine and Ben. Great stuff.

Hey out there. Can anybody tell me why the City gets away with growing huge patches of thistles here, there and anywhere while in the Regional district you might get a letter to control any thistle patches on your property and get threatened with a bill if they send in a crew to clean it up for you? What gives?

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