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October 23, 2017 10:41 pm

Canada Games Close Today

Sunday, March 1, 2015 @ 4:01 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The 2015 Canada Winter Games will come to a conclusion this afternoon with the pageantry of the Closing Ceremony at the University of Northern British Columbia.

However, if you were planning on heading up the hill to watch the proceedings in person and did not receive an invitation to do so, forget it, you won’t be permitted access. Games officials have been saying for the past few days that “extremely limited viewing areas are available for the general public, but the most optimum viewing area will be in Canada Games Plaza”. They now advise that “admittance to the Official Closing Ceremony at UNBC is by invite only.”

The closing ceremony is a free event for the Games athletes, participants and volunteers, along with the dignitaries. The public is invited to gather at the Canada Games Plaza for entertainment throughout the day, the large screen broadcast of the Closing Ceremony starting at 4pm, more entertainment into the evening and all capped off by a spectacular fireworks display.

The ceremony will also be broadcast nationally on TSN/RDS and webcast at www.canadametv.ca

Here is the schedule of events at Canada Games Plaza:

Noon – 9:00 pm – Food vendors, arts market and live festival site

4:00 pm – Live streaming of the Closing Ceremony – presented by TransCanada

5:30 pm – Fireworks from UNBC

5:30 pm – Jerusha White

6:45 pm – Out of Alba

8:00 pm – King Crow and the Ladies from Hell

9:00 pm – Fireworks from Connaught Hill


I wil be part of this prestige event! Last day to cheerish my Green Jacket as a. CWG volunteer and to greet all the athletes!

Let’s show the country PG GREEN TEAM on TSN !

lol, but thanks for all the hard work and volunteering PG? Looks like the closing ceremonies is only for the ‘dignitaries’ and bigshots who can pat themselves on the back, for all the hard work of the awesome volunteers who gave so much time.

I was at the bronze medal hockey game last night and got a good chuckle out of all the empty VIP seats.

I was thoroughly impressed by all the “Team Toba” supporters in the crowd though! They did their province proud!

Whose invitee pg101?


Hope TSN is also covering the GOLD metal game on TV
Expecting a sellout. That’s what the media has reported!

My guide says Gold Medal Hockey 11:30 am TSN 5.

By the looks of the game it’s 80% capacity

Axman.. Just like any other hockey game with open seats.. People move around and sit where they like best.. You can’t go by empty seats in the vip section unless all others are filled.. As for you other misinformation in another post.. The closing ceremonies are not just invite only.. You could attend if you bought gold passes. Not sure if you could buy tickets just for the closing ceremonies or not.. I am sure going to enjoy the closing ceremonies today :) didn’t get a invite though. How will I get in…lol

Sure wish TSN would have put the game on a channel that we all get, and not TSN 5.Way to go.

JLS its online as well.

Matter of fact a large amount of sports where availiable live online throughout the entire games.

Canada Games close today—GOOD!!! I didn’t ask for them, but as a taxpayer I get to pay for em. Didn’t bother with any of it.
Now can we get back to fixing our roads and the regular stuff that keeps a city going.

Just before noon, ten cop cars raced up University Hill with sirens on and lights flashing. If you threw in some ghost cars, the count was up to fifteen. It was quite a sight and must have been a training exercise because no ambulances or fire trucks were following. The boys and girls were allowed to let off some steam after all the hard work they did to keep the games safe.

Later, I saw the cops at the UNBC’s ceremony site. Even their dogs were on duty, lifting their legs to mark the bleachers “sniffed and safe”.

PG101: According to the article, those invited to the closing ceremony are: “the athletes, participants and volunteers” [emphasis mine].

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers. ntkr14 please take a pill!

Exactly what ‘cougs79’ said!
It has been an awesome couple of weeks for this city.

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