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October 23, 2017 10:41 pm

Public Gets Crack at Games Assets

Sunday, March 29, 2015 @ 4:03 AM
Crowd gathered for Saturday's Games assets sale.  Photos 250 News

Crowd gathered for Saturday’s Games assets sale. Photos 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – The public’s lone opportunity to pick up items used during the Canada Winter Games occurred Saturday, but many who showed an interest left unimpressed and empty-handed.

The 2015 Canada Winter Games Host Society invited the public to its 8-hour asset sale with furniture, office supplies, fans, lamps, clothing and many other items available for purchase at set prices.  Money generated by the sale goes to cover some of the expenditures of the games.

People gathered outside the Ottawa Street entrance to what was once known asFUTURE SHOP 038 the 4th Avenue Public Works yard well before the 10 a.m. opening.  Once admitted to the site the first thing they came across at the entrance to the warehouse was a sign notifying them that there were none of the many television sets which were purchased for the games available to be bought at the asset sale.

A check of another warehouse in the yard revealed several tv’s all boxed up and sitting on pallets.  250 News was told by a person on hand that these TV sets had been pre-sold and that their owners had until Saturday to pick them up.  The person did not know what was to happen to sets which were not picked up and also did not know to whom the sets were sold or how they received preference over the public.

FUTURE SHOP 059 The warehouse also contained numerous articles made of wood for the games, things like flag stands and information boards, which were to be dismantled and the wood re-used.  There were large desks, cauldrons, the metal red flames that set the backdrop for the torch at the civic centre plaza and many other items in the warehouse.

They came, they saw, they left empty-handed

They came, they saw, they left empty-handed

It’s not known how much money was generated by Saturday’s asset sale but judging by the many who left with nothing and by the comments of some, “No deals there”, “what a bunch of crap”, and “ridiculous, get people hyped to come out and then gouge them”, folks weren’t too impressed with the pickins.


Now once all these good are sold or disposed of the Winter Games will stick out their had for us to pick up the shortfall, which I suspect will be fairly significant.
I am sure most of us by now realize this has been a boon for a few and the rest of us will pay for it.

Wow, impressive journalism. Way to get the facts and tell a story.

“The person did not know what was to happen to sets which were not picked up and also did not know to whom the sets were sold or how they received preference over the public.”

Someone needs to explain this. Whose friends are these and what makes them so special?

The already sold TV sets may have been purchased at one of the two previous sales.

The volunteers were able to put their names on a list and then a draw would be made as to who could purchase, I have not heard however I am hoping that the full time staff that got paid were not put on this list.. This would be very misleading and unfair. I really would like if they put names on a list that were contacted and how many TV ,s were on the list. This is the only way for volunteers to know. I suspect that we will never know. This is only my thoughts as they had said the TV ,s would be done by draws.

Maybe Ramada bought the televisions to put in their hotel rooms.

there were at least 3 or 4 previous sales, at least 1 to city staff and at least 2 days for games volunteers,

as far as TVs go …. Volunteers were able to put their name on list at their sale dates, was drawn and notified on thursday for payment and pickup on saturday

Something stinks here, and it’s not the pulp mills, the oil refinery or even the rotting Salmon carcasses in the rivers!

I had absolutely no interest in attending this sale, but I’m curious to know what model of TV’s were available, what was the cost of them and what were they sold for!

I’m sure that a sample of the other items costs and subsequent disposal costs would as well!

Did any of our City Council members, City staff or Games staff by chance happen to furnish their family rooms or summer cabins at a great rate??

We have single parent families, low income families and support organizations in town. Far better that they would have had a reasonable opportunity to take advantage of the disposal of winter games items BEFORE our well paid city employees, our council members and management and our well paid Winter Games staff! I’m assuming that our Winter Games staff were well paid, as I’ve yet to see any disclosure of the wages that were paid!

Hart guy , really ? You worry about the wrong things , yet you won’t even look at your/our portfolio at CPPIB.COM . ITS 258 billion dollars . If you do look at it , pay attention to the news release of apr. 19 , 2013 . At the bottom is a list of most of the pension funds that have been proping up the dog that is barrick gold . So in effect we are still paying baird more and more every day . That might make you feel even more happy for him , I guess .

If you also read more of the news releases , you will also be happy to read about the hundreds of million dollars we ( CPPIB.COM ) have invested in chinese infrastructure and infrastructure companies . On the other hand , maybe don’t read the releases , your blood pressure might not be able to handle it . I know I almost blew a gasket .

Another almost happy gasket

amazing how fast some can get off subject.

What ? I thought the topic was the public getting ripped off . Or unfair practice in regards to asset allocation . Get em fightin over peanuts is the oldest trick played on the sheeple . Most fall for it right off the bat .

The picture above shows 18 Sony Bravia tv boxes so one can assume there were at least that many tvs. Size looks to be at least 50″ and those go for around $600 a pop.

I too wonder what the return was on the initial investment of at least 10k.


What is the name of the gasket on top of the cylinder block?

@sparrow……hahaha…..that’s it !

What ? Are you kids twelve years olds ? Did you have a look at your portfolio ? Or is giggling like school girls as serious as you get at your tender age ? It’s actually your future that I am eluding too. When us adults all die off , there will be a lot fewer of you . Don’t let them do an end run around you . Pay attention . It’s already your money . Don’t let them take it away .

Well, it was an awfully nice outside today! Had to put aside all of my negative thoughts and get outside to fill my lungs with fresh air and feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun on my face!

We enjoyed a terrific day out and about with many others in good ol’ PG!!

Ataloss, do you ever do that, you know, put aside all of your negative thoughts and go put a smile on your face!! Do you? Naw, probably not!

You should try it sometime! Have a nice evening!


I think I read somewhere that the TV’s were going for $325.00

The disposal of this merchandise was totally mishandled.

Someone should be on the carpet.

Thanks for that bit of humanity HG . I do , do that but it’s been pissing down rain all day , so I have been reading and keeping my eye on the ball . Hey sparrow , I wrote do,do . Hee hee hee . Get it ,do do . Hee hee hee .

Altaloss, you could put your knowledge of portfolio management on the head of a pin. Your posts are garbage.

Thanks Dow . Your posts are so much more informative than are mine .

Ataloss, if you want to keep your eye on the ball, perhaps you should take some time to read up on our massive, huge and extremely frightening unfunded pension liability!

Instead of suggesting that we have a look at our portfolio, and if you are so concerned about the future, and if you are concerned about our money and having it taken away from us, perhaps you should be warning us about the looming devastation that will occur when our unfunded public sector pension liability looms it’s ugly head!!

But it’ Sunday, the end of a nice weekend, so why burden yourself with unpleasant things, unless it’s just the things that you find unpleasant!

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