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October 21, 2017 6:51 am

City Sells Out of Radon Kits…..Again

Thursday, November 5, 2015 @ 1:29 PM

Prince George, B.C.- This is Radon Awareness Month in Prince George, and people are  now certainly aware.

The awareness campaign  launched by the City  included the sale of  radon test kits for a reduced price.  In  less than a week, the City has sold 200 of the kits  and  will not be getting any more shipments in.

Northern Health  has ordered more  of the testing kits and expects they will arrive  by the end of next week, or shortly thereafter.  Northern Health has sold 100 of the kits  in the past couple of weeks.

Northern Health’s price is a little higher than  what the  City was charging, but  the $25 dollars  per kit fee includes shipping costs to have the kits  sent to the testing facility once the  sample gathering period is over.  The   Northern Health kits    ( when they arrive) will be available at the Native Friendship Centre.

The radon issue came to the forefront  earlier this year when  a report  revealed  as many as one in every  three homes in Prince George  has  higher than acceptable levels of  the odourless gas.  Radon  gas is created  by the  decay of  uranium  and is  a major cause of lung cancer.


Crap… I wish I would have known better. I bought my kit for $16 from City Hall and I am responsible for the shipping to the US for testing at an additional cost of $20. If you buy from Northern Health the kit and shipping is $25. I wonder if they are also shipping to the US for testing? I am still glad that I purchased one though… hopefully I find out whether or not my home is safe.

test the city water only test in winter when your windows are always closed open a window or service your furnace fresh air intake plugged it lake the processed meat they lower the amount of radon gas you can have in your now it now everyone scared

Wonder if PG would publish a radon map.


Interesting how it is mandatory to build a tight house now vents and fans have to be added. Wonder if those affected can sue the government or so called experts who started all this mess. Another can of worms brought to you by the green blob C02 is evil rent seekers. The glass palace up the hill have a lot of these tax payer funded rent seekers.

Then its a cool $2000 to fix the problem if you have it.. ouch

Supply and demand issue.

Obviously the price is too low. Raise it to $200 and see what happens….

Gopg, that’s a real jerk comment. People’s health comes before profits.

Thank you. That is exactly what I have been saying, strictlyspeaking. If you go to my previous posts on this issue you will see I have been advocating to get these tests at no cost. It is a health issue. Northern Health should be paying for it. It should be covered under our national health plan.

In fact, there have been various plans to give people an incentive to reduce the energy use in their houses by installing newer, more energy efficient furnaces. There should at least be some program similar to that to take mitigating measures to reduce radon gas leakage in those houses found to have high presence of the gas.

Why doesn’t the city just accumulate requests for the test kits for, say, a week, then order as many kits as have been requested? If the budget won’t accomodate that many, buy what it can and send them out in order of request.

where at Northern Health can they be bought for $25 ? seems like a good deal as well if it includes the shipping.

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