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5 Lynx In One Group- Unusual ?

By 250 News

Friday, January 02, 2009 02:53 AM


 These Pictures were sent along by Leslie, taken apparently on the Princeton -Summerland Rd. Is it unusual to see five , count em, Five Lynx in one group ? We leave that up to you trappers.

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Well I'm not sure its such a good idea to tell the trappers where to find them... especially if they're not causing any problems?

Probably just a family unit....
I would guess a family unit as well they all have simular sizes and traits.
As far as I know yes absolutely a very unusual event to "SEE" 5 in one group wandering accross the road. Most people never see even one as they are extremely weary and shy creatures..usually.
I believe that it is usually in feb when the love bug strikes and trappers have told me that during this period they often catch groups of these critters...2,3,4 at one place. So they definitely are not solitary all the year, but this seems a bit early...from the little I know.
Posted by: Eagleone on January 2 2009 5:07 AM
Well I'm not sure its such a good idea to tell the trappers where to find them... especially if they're not causing any problems?

There ya go again eagle... commenting about things you know knothing about.
Hug any bears lately?
Isn't it illegal to just start killing animals without either a license or a valid reason?
Only if you get caught.
Yes, you need a licence.

The most I have seen in one group was 4. I think a female with grown kittens. A friend saw 5 together near Great Beaver Lake.

Eagleone, you should remember that we are all the children of successful hunters and trappers.
Leg hold traps are just another example of what a low life creature humans are. Any person that uses them is without an iota of decency or respect.

One day soon, very soon, great tribulation is coming upon humanity and we, collectively, deserve every bit of it.
Yes kevin1006,of course kevin...happy new year to you too kevin!
It took you longer to jump on this one than I thought it would!
By the way...Lynx are also pretty good eating, in case you get hungry after the great tribulation arrives!
They make great Chow Mein!
Trappers trap on traplines, in designated areas, they do not randomly roam the wilderness looking for game.

It would be illegal to trap these lynx other than on a trapline with the necessary licensing etc;

Nice picture, I have never seen more than one lynx at a time. Or one Couger, or Wolverine for that matter.
I am lookin for a fur hat,,,Kevie, Think you could find the time to help me catch one of them cats???? Here KITTY,KITTY,KITTY
Kevin, your comments infer there is a greater being of some sort that will put an end to all of us.
You believe that crap?