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RCMP Wants To Gang Up On Grow Ops

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Saturday, February 27, 2010 05:01 AM

Prince George, B.C. - It's a two-steps forward, one step back story when it comes to efforts to stem the drug trade in Prince George...

First, the good news:  the more success Prince George RCMP have in shutting down marijuana grow operations, the more confidence city residents have in coming forward to report suspicious activity possibly related to the drug trade. 

RCMP Superintendent, Brenda Butterworth-Carr, says, "As soon as we started focusing our attention specifically on grow operations (over the past month-and-a-half), we immediately saw an increase in our crimestopper tips, it was automatic." 

Details of the most recent drug raid were released yesterday (click here, for previous story). 

And now for the bad news: Butterworth-Carr says the suspects arrested were all from the lower mainland.  She says it's a trend being noticed around the region -- drug producers are being drawn here to get away from the violently-competitive market in the lower mainland, to take advantage of our cheaper property prices and, often, the large rural lots available.  (click here, for previous story detailing the situation in Quesnel)

Butterworth-Carr just attended a meeting in the Cariboo-Chilcotin on Thursday with local political officials -- mayors, MLAs, and MPs -- to discuss this displaced criminal element that's setting up shop in the north. "And that meeting...focused on grow ops and we see them here, we see the gang-related activity within Prince George, and so we want to make sure that we're getting together collectively and coming up with specific proactive initiatives and (deciding) how can we utilize our local support."

Butterworth-Carr says that means working with the City of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to crackdown on these grow ops. "I only have so many resources for rural Prince George, but when we link in on a multi-agency approach -- whether it's with our regional district, our municipal government, as well as our local MLA representatives and MPs -- it's important, because we can be more effective in what we're doing."

She says right now, the city is working on a bylaw similar to ones in Surrey and Abbotsford that would allow RCMP to work collaboratively with Bylaw Services, Fire, Health Canada, and other agencies to go into suspected grow houses.  Butterworth-Carr says it may be time to look at a similar move with the regional district, as well.


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In any market driven economy as the supply dwindles the price goes up. The 'farmers' that do survive will reap greater profits with help of law enforcement. Pot smokers range in age from 8 to 80 yrs of age,give or take. The vast majority of them hold down steady employment and have so for decades. They have the ability to pay so are not an issue. The ones that do not have the funds to pay usually do some crime to generate cash or go into debt. Its the debt that has to be paid that is a big problem, the 'farmers' want there money! And the debtor will go to any lenght to pay the 'farmer' or his marketing agent. There is no legitiment way to collect, so physical force is used, this increases the resolve to pay the debt. Likely if you can't pay your debts then its likely you have no assets to hand over in leu. So while its all warm and fuzzy to bust grow ups you do not hear of the social implications that follow. Someday our puritanical society will pull their collective heads out out of their ........and deal with the realities of life.
Whelen, are we suppose to feel sorry for someone who goes into debt to a dealer, because he can't commit enough crimes, to pay to for today’s higher prices, and thus gets beat up? Sorry I don't.

For all the posts that say Pot should be legalized (they will be coming soon), think about this, if it is not addictive, why would people risk having their legs broken to get there fix? Do you want the doctor giving you that triple bypass to have toked a couple before starting, and maybe sneak out the operation to have another to calm their nerves before they do the tricky part?

I also thing more restrictions should be placed on Alcohol and tobacco. Not that I would ban some girls from having a couple of beers, and some cigars on the ice after winning a gold medal, but that smoking or drinking should not be allowed to become a daily occurrence.

Step up enforcement of public drunkenness laws, restrict smoking locations. Maybe just double the price of it all, and use the extra tax to help people get off their addictions, while still allowing casual use, within limits.
So I guess there is no crack, meth, Ecstasy or heroin in PG. At the rate they are busting these prohibited agricultural installations, they should have stumbled upon some of the real drugs.

So much for pot being a gateway substance.

Low hanging fruit!

illegal horticulture?

Sounds stupid when you say it out loud, but that is what this is.
"You're not allowed to grow those plants!"
"That naturally occurring weed is illegal!"
"That unprocessed vegetable matter is a greater threat than the recreational chemicals MANUFACTURED IN AN UNREGULATED UNDERGROUND LAB by under educated non-professionals!"

The growers are gangsters because the product is illegal. If it was not illegal, the criminal element would not have as much opportunity to be involved.

Besides, this is just low hanging fruit so to speak. IMO All these busts in the last few months are due to an informant that was deep in the industry. They won't bust the harmful drug producers because they cannot find them.

Weed in and of itself is harmless. It is the legal status of the substance that makes it risky.

I have done my research. Most of the tripe spewed against this is pure lying propaganda.

They have no plan to win the war on drugs. Just a plan to wage the war on drugs. Why do you think that is? It is because if they have a war on something, they have an ever increasing budget. Have you ever wondered why we pay more taxes today than years ago yet the level of service has decreased?

If there truly was a war on drugs, one would think they would go after something in addition to pot, but they do not. Just pot.

The point is that the debtor will have to do more crime to pay his debts eg: rob your house. You missed the point entirely!
I disagree with Loki on 1 of his points. The cops do know who the harmful drug producers and sellers are. Why would they waste time on arresting them when they can generate so much revenue on seatbelt and cellphone violations. Our justice system is so flawed it makes me want to puke!!!!
"Do you want the doctor giving you that triple bypass to have toked a couple before starting, and maybe sneak out the operation to have another to calm their nerves before they do the tricky part?"

Huh???? THAT is hardly necessary!!! They will PUSH valium, ativan, xanax, or any of those other so called "legal" drugs on you when you display the right symptoms.

If anyone seriously wishes to "help" individuals to overcome what they deem to be an "abusive" use of substances which are "mind-altering", they need to look at the whole picture, including the part of the picture that deals with the realities of personal freedom versus state controlled lifestyles.

Marijuana use over the last 50 or so years has not expanded anywhere near as much as the use of prescription drugs which are used as crutches in modern society.

Then again, the use of "mind-altering" substances is hardley a modern phenomenon. It has been with us for thousands of years.
good job guys lets spend millions to bust grow ops but let the crack.coke.heroin.meth dealers run rampid..GREAT WORK ETHIC..bust the 50 yr old hippie growing weed but let the 25yr old sell crack and carry a 9mm around town..
loki from prime minister also
Just curious. Of all these people arrested in the last six weeks, are any of them actually still in jail. If not, why bother?
Don't listen to these whiners and apologists, RCMP... keep up the good work!
RCMP you will never get people to stop smoking pot why would you want to. I think because you can't smoke so thats why you don't want anyone else too. Sounds to me like a bunch of bullies.
"I think because you can't smoke" ..... LOL ....

you do not know RCMP do you????? They are like everyone else .....

BTW, RCMP are the enforcers, not the law makers. As with any organization, they will deal with the issues that give them the least resistance and most publicity. Grow-ops fit that category nicely.

If one wants to change the laws, then one has to talk to the law makers.
So now I state my opinion being fully aware of the firestorm from hateful pot defenders soon to follow, so not being into back and forth arguments that go nowhere I will not reply, just make the one post:

The cops should arrest every one of those scumbag growers and dealers, and some one should throw away the key. They deserve harsh punishment for the misery they cause.
If you have had your home or property violated from drug addicted scum you know the feeling. If your kids have been endangered from activity connected to drugs then you know how high the stakes are.

Pot is harmless? Give me a break! Get your head out of your a.., a high cancer risk, addictive, impaired judgement, mental afflictions(memory damage, paranoia, behaviour changes, just to name a few), dangerous activities under the influence, on and on...

People who put this crap in their bodies to 'mellow out' are a few short of a full deck. Stop folding to peer pressure, escaping reality, or just being stupid. Stop doing it and move on with your life. You don't need it.

So now to address the medical use: 90% crap! I've done it, seen it, been there. There is some use for cancer patients and related illnesses, but pain relief!!!??? Come on, you know it, I know it, it does diddly for pain. Stop the lies. If anything it makes you more aware of the pain. You know what works for pain.., surprise... pain killers!
If pot works for you the congrats, you now can use any placebo to numb your pain cause your brain will do it for you.

Just because it is a plant and thus refered to as 'natural' people use the excuse that it can't be bad. Well do a little research and most deadly toxins, drugs, compounds are 'naturally occurring substances'. Doesn't mean we should be injecting ourselves with snake venom or inhaling asbestos.

Please, someone admit it, pot is a party drug, recreation, reality escape, coping mechanism, social event, or other substitute.

Stop defending it on some moral high ground and just admit you like to get high and party on dude. Do this and you get my respect, and my support for legalizing neighbourhood pot pubs where you can all cozy up to the bar and order your favorite, then take a taxi home.
Please, someone admit it, pot is a party drug, recreation, reality escape, coping mechanism, social event, or other substitute.

Stop defending it on some moral high ground and just admit you like to get high and party on dude. Do this and you get my respect, and my support for legalizing neighbourhood pot pubs where you can all cozy up to the bar and order your favorite, then take a taxi home

So what is so wrong with that, have a martini have a tuner, what ever gets you through...........sometimes jesus is not the answer!
While I realize that pot is certainly no more, and probably less socially destructive than alcohol, the difference here is the fact that pot is currently an illegal substance; therefore the production, sale and distribution is extremely lucrative for organized crime syndicates.

These gangs have an extremely detrimental effect in the communities that they decide to do business in.
Murder, armed robbery and declining property values in the affected neighborhoods all can stem from OC moving into the community. These gangs moving in are big, well financed and are also involved in the production of crystal meth, cocaine and heroin dealing and other lucrative but illegal activities.

The RCMP are to be commended for their proactive attempt to stop the gangs from getting a foothold in our community.
The debate over pot takes a back seat in the face of this larger threat from the gangs moving in from the lower mainland.

If they suddenly decided to make milk illegal and my four year old was killed in a drive by shooting because of a turf war over the illegal production of cheese, I would be against that too…wouldn’t you?
It will take new faces in Ottawa before the law changes. The people that are there now can't even run a country let alone change laws. The old folks that do vote have to die off first. Such as those that grew up with the paranoia propaganda. These are the same people who figure drinking is less harmful. One day it will happen soon. Just wait and see. The baby baby boomers will die off soon with their foolish ideals and beliefs will go with them. Only then will we be able to have a country that is truly strong and free.
Please people, no need to make assumptions, I will gladly tell you my profile: Mid 40's hard working taxpayer, fairly redneck, non religious, father, husband, athletic, outdoorsy, responsible enviromentally but not econut, still drive pickup, shoot guns, ride snow/atvs, bicycle a lot, hike, hunt etc. Do not like many of the things you all don't like, wasteful government, crime, useless laws, loss of freedoms, dare I add... stupid things done by stupid people...
I believe pot is harmful, the chemicals they grow it with to make it so potent have to be very bad for your physicla health...try growing a pot plant in your green house without all the lights, and chemicals and you will likely get a plant that is weak and not very mind altering. The people who grow pot for a living, in high tech environments are not gardners, but close to a chemist, they have down to a fine may not be as lethal as meth and chances are the grow op isn't going to explode but just imagine what those little chyrstals that you see on big buds does to your lungs when inhaled and held in your lungs for a few seconds...I bet it makes smoking cigarettes look like childs play. I don't believe it's physically addictive (I had no problem quitting pot, but cigarettes was painful) but it is psychologically addictive, you want to get baked...That all being said, I'm going to say it...they need to legalize pot, like cigarettes and alcohol. The Gov't can regulate it, make it safer and the beauty, they could tax the hell out of it and make money! Just my thoughts...
shesmiles ....what you speak is that of modern agriculture, the average life expectancey in canada is on the the good old days may not have been that good!
shesmiles ....what you speak is that of modern agriculture, the average life expectancey in canada is on the the good old days may not have been that good!
The pot-smoking apologists have a problem with believing that pot can in any way be bad.

The harsh truth (and this will be a buzzkill to some!) is that the recreational user is either directly or indirectly supporting the gangs and the violence associated in this town. Deny it all you want, but those are the facts.

It won't be legalized in our lifetimes, especially if the US considers it illegal, so it's not worth dreaming about it.
They are going after grow opps because its easy. Theres still the same amount of cocaine if not more in this town.
"I will not reply, just make the one post"
As I posted monthes ago, like the hydra, cut off one head and two heads appear and those two heads will each be an unknown quanitiy to law inforcement up here as well as those in control. All these bust accomplish are to de-stabilize the supply end of the market. As long as the demand remains high there will never be a shortage of suppliers and in fact these new suppliers must be more violent to secure their new territory. Law enforcement used to let some weeds grow in their back yards so at least they knew who the players were. No they don't even know who the players are. As predicted we are seeing a return to violent times as control over this very profitable industry has now been forfet. We are entering into very violent times very shortly. IN THE WAR ON DRUGS THE POLICE MUST FOLLOW RULES WHILE THE CRIMINALS HAVE NONE. WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN THAT CONFRONTATION?
Hi Whelen,
I don't think that the rise of life expectancy in Canada has anything to do w/ how grow ops grows weed, or if it was "healthier" in the 60's, but I think it's directly related to the science of medicine and all of those break throughs.
yes , that and modern agricultural techniques, id you know that pot 'farmers' lead the nation in alternative sources of energy, especially solar energy.
I bet you people be crying to your mothers if drinking was outlawed. Thats because you people here are so screwed up in the heads you would think that drinking is great for the body. Thats how messed PG is .
if not the body at least the soul
Too little too late Butterworthless. There have been municipal bylaws in the lowermainland and the Island dealing with grow ops since 2000. Where have you been?
Well we seem to have a bunch of defeatists, enablers, and deniers posting to-day. And of course some realists.

I suspect that those who smoke pot, support legalizing it, or at least leave it alone so that they can smoke in peace. Problem is as previously stated people who buy this product are part of the problem. Certainly not part of the solution. Without the smokers, the grow opps would dry up and float away. So we can say with some certainty that the smokers are the problem.

Furthermore only a fool would suggest that smoking pot doesnt alter our motor functions. Fact of the matter is, if you want to dumb down, smoke pot. Smokers rationalize this situation so that they can continue their stupid life style. If they were responsible citizens they would all quit smoking and kill off the industry. Like that would ever happen??

If your not satisfied with who you are, then get drunk, or smoke pot,or take drugs, and become who you aint.

Chrislivingdowntown is a prime example. He actually beleives that when the baby boomers die off, that pot will be legalized. Hmmmm wonder where that line of thinking comes from??? Oh yeh, the last time I was at a polling station I noticed that it was full of pot smokers.

My experience with pot smokers is, it is a major production to get their asses off the couch, let alone get them to go to a polling station to vote. I suspect a very, very, large percentage of them, have never got around to register to vote, let alone vote.

One thing I did notice though is that when they run out of pot, they manage to get to their cars (or somebodys car) and go for more pot.

Pot smokers and defenders should look up the word RATIONALIZE; (In psychology) to devise superficially rational, or plausible, explanations, or excuses for (one's acts, beliefs, desires, etc.) usually without being aware that these are not the real motives.

Have a nice day.

I vote you think I like neo cons like this running the show and for the record I don't like Marc Emery. My brother which is a political scientist in New Brunswick doesn't like him as well.

Last election. 13,834,294 People voted.

2298 voted for the Marijauana Party.

You have a big job ahead if you think you can change anything politically.
So what you get out of it anyways. So you people don't like pot so what who cares. All I see ya do is bitch on this site about everything. You got any answers no. You going bring jobs up here no. So instead you post and bitch about the world but do nothing.
So far what Ive got out of this is that Whelan, Loki and Chris are dope smokers and DCfluid sounds like he could be my long lost brother so I will just refer to his post for my thoughts. Way to go RCMP!
chris, people have answers. You just don't happen to want to listen to them.
Pot busts of otherwise law abiding citizens are an exercise in state terror.

Law enforcement should be about going after those that harm society and putting the resources into arresting their activities.

For the most part the hard drugs and the pot drugs are sold by a completely different network of dealers to a completely different clientele that have at least 2 or 3 degrees of separation between them. The greatest lie is that the two worlds are interconnected in some way at the local level, which they are not... as evidenced by all these very busts themselves as none has produced even a token amount of the real harmful drugs that are hurting society and fueling violence.

Violent criminals operating in a world of violent mind altering drugs that remove people from this world altogether use the must need addictive qualities of things like coke or heroin to get illegitimate sex or to otherwise abuse people. Most people that smoke pot want nothing to do with them and will take measures not to cross paths with that type because they operate from completely different worlds and mind sets. Taking pot supplies from otherwise non criminal individuals off the market only opens the door and creates a market for the violent criminals to move in and set up shop in their efforts to expand for a 'gang' a future market of potential victims.

All in my humble opinion.
So far what Ive got out of this is that Whelan, Loki and Chris are dope smokers and DCfluid sounds like he could be my long lost brother so I will just refer to his post for my thoughts. Way to go RCMP

You are so wrong interceptor, its all about freedom of choice to be left to exercise freedom. The law inforcement industry just loves more laws to enforce the criminals make their activities more profitable because of it and associated risks. Non of this serves the general public at all ....more taxes more crime and around it goes. Victorian thinking has made the last century one of the bloodiest and it seems to be carried over to this one. Why would any one care what another human does to their mind or body but to control that mind or body. I don't smoke but care less it you do. If your actions cause me any grief then I have issue with that.
The RCMP do not make the rules, they enforce them.

If people want to smoke dope and support the gangs in this town that's their choice. But to say that pot isn't causing harm is living in a state of denial.

All in my humble opinion.
IS and GTS dont sell marijuana seriously go ask the PG RCMP if known IS AND GTS members peddle weed in the community..and the renegades are just a bunch of washed up old men that drink at there club house on the weekends.the asian gang members deserve to be busted but other then that i would focus on cocaine and guns if i were in charge of the RCMP and just bust the "GANG GROW OP" not every hippie that grows cause there too poor or scared to buy there weed from the hood
and for the record i havent smoked marijana since i was 20 and im in my 30's now
When our family sold our home in Coquitlam in the mid '80s to move to the interior, we left behind a great neighbourhood and equally great memories. Within a few short years, the house was bought by folks from Hong Kong and it turned into a grow op. I was called here in Prince George by a former neighbour when the house was raided. This type of set up has been the norm on the lower mainland for years. House in a decent middle class neighbourhood used as a grow op, or a safehouse for drugs, weapons. Now we're seeing this as a trend in PG. Organized crime has their foot planted well into our local economy. Busting grow-ops and safe houses is like chipping away at the tip of the iceberg but it's better than not doing anything at all. This is a huge and never ending job for the RCMP and I respect and appreciate their efforts.
I've seen a lot of pot smokers in my years.
The only crime I've seen them commit is being too lazy to get out of the house and
get a job. One thing I haven't seen is a person who has smoked a lot of weed(not mixed with other drugs) committing violent
acts. They're either lazy or happy. And, yah, quite a few end up on welfare.The problem I have with people who buy the stuff is that they are making their contribution to criminal gangs. They can harangue all they want that, oh no, not all of these people are connected to gangs and the criminal element, they're mostly growing it to supply themselves and a few friends. I don't think anyone is concerned about the 1% who do that. The problem I see is the law is so screwed up and has tied the hands of police so bad that it doesn't matter how hard they try, the HA and puppet gangs have billions to throw at lawyers to find loopholes in the statutes to get them acquitted because they don't really want to do the time for the crime, it affects business and profit margin.
Every time you buy an illegal drug, you contribute to organized crime. If you don't understand that, have a chat with a criminologist, or lawyer. I too would like to see pot legalized even though I probably wouldn't buy it. Just haven't seen the violence from it that I see with other drugs. Its damn hard when you've done all paperwork and send the charge for approval and the Crown comes back and says, nope, can't charge them, Supreme Court of Canada or BC Court of Appeal just changed the law for the benefit of the bad guys again. If you're frustrated, call or email you MP with your thoughts. I thanked a policeman this weekend for the hard work they've been putting in to take some of these goofs off the street for a least a night, until they get bail. The game is played til they get picked up again, and let loose again. Frustrating for all of us.
Recreational pot smokers aren't the problem, but who you buy from are.
I wouldn't say pot smokers are completely lazy. They are motivated to find more pot when they run out.
Canada's drug laws have no legislator content. After the high court butchered the "no harm" principle in the "Malmo-Levine" case, all drug laws are cop based judicial dictate.

No? Cops are deemed "experts" by judges, and their opinions warrant deference. The judicial-policial tandem need the drug laws to prop their self-interested bureaucracy. Popular sovereignty must assert.
Canada's drug laws have no legislator content. After the high court butchered the "no harm" principle in the "Malmo-Levine" case, all drug laws are cop based judicial dictate.

No? Cops are deemed "experts" by judges, and their opinions warrant deference. The judicial-policial tandem need the drug laws to prop their self-interested bureaucracy. Popular sovereignty must assert.