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Hundreds Rally Against Pipeline Proposal

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010 01:57 PM

Prince George, B.C.- About 300 people marched from the Prince George Court house to the Civic Centre Plaza this morning, to protest the proposed Enbridge twin pipeline.
They hoped to carry a message to not only the Joint Review Panel which is accepting submissions today in preparation of oral hearings which will be set for a later date, but to let members of the  public  see there is opposition to this  project.
B.C. Association of First Nations Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says the opposition   to the proposed pipeline is growing “We view this proposal as being the wrong proposal in the wrong place at the wrong time.”   He says the recent Enbridge spill in Michigan and the B.P. oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico have risen awareness of the dangers of this kind of project “The Gulf disaster was a giant wake up call for North America.” Grand Chief Phillip says the recent spill in Michigan which saw   tens of thousands of litres of crude spill into a stream that feeds the Kalamazoo River, have shown him that Enbridg’s response to a crisis was too slow and their method of dealing with a spill and clean up are antiquated and believes a spill is “inevitable.”
Lawyer Tim Leadem addressed the panel in its morning session and says there are   two issues with this pipeline which have yet to be explored. 1.Sustainability, is this project sustainable from an economic environmental perspective, 2.Who is going to pay for the clean up costs when there’s an oil spill along the coast of British Columbia “As we know from the Exxon Valdez situation in Alaska and the recent B.P situation in the Gulf of Mexico, the costs of clean up can be extraordinarily high. I think B.P. is estimating its costs to run as much as $33 Billion. Now if those costs are not borne by Enbridge or its under writers and insurers, then its going to be borne by you and me, so we’re going to be paying for clean up costs over  oil pipeline and shipment down the coast which the majority of British Columbians are opposed to.”
Leadem says the environmental issues don’t stop at Kitimat or the Canadian Border “The issue continues in China where that oil will be burned creating greenhouse gasses that contribute to global climate change and we all better be concerned about that.” 
Leadem says his clients (Living Oceans Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Forestethics) are concerned as well about the remote location for the pipeline “You’ve got a very long pipeline, it’s got a few pumping stations along the way so there can be shut offs, but at the same time, we saw what happened with this company in Michigan when the pipeline broke near the Kalamazoo River. Lots of Oil went into that river before it was discovered and before the pipeline was shut down.”
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says this is not a First Nations issue "This is an issue for everyone who lives in the north and who made a decision to raise their family in the pristine environment we enjoy.  We are not prepared to jeopardize that."
The Joint Review Panel resumed sitting this afternoon, has another session slated for 7 tonight, and will hear submissions tomorrow morning as well. The hearings are being held at the Prince George civic Centre.

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Poor sheeple, believing they have a say in this democracy. When will they learn? it is the corporations that set the agenda and the taxation structure. It is the rank and file voters fooled into doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Keep voting the traditional party lines boyo, but don't kid yourself into thinking that this time it will be different.

This is a done deal just like the HST and no matter how loud mr/miss voter squeal, this is going to happen as the enbridge corporation has laid it out.

Our only hope is to have a recall across the board on all elected provincial officials. Make them earn their job, pensions and our trust back.

Definitely vote, for gosh sake, DO NOT VOTE LIEBERAL/NDP/CONSERVATIVE. It would be a shame if the next election is another victory for apathy. That is why we hare where we are at, voter apathy or simply very little other choice than the devil one knows. I would rather seek a rank amateur than a skilled politician. At least it would take them a while to build that back room nest egg.
Actually Ignatieff has stated that under Liberal power, there would be no northern oil tanker traffic. Your choice is clear.
Ignatieff the yank. There are already lots of tankers on the coast. I see not so much pipelines as exporting are oi, same as rew logs.
If the federal and provincial governments support this pipeline,and I suspect they do,it will be done.
And it is pretty damn naive of us to think otherwise!
In order to be seen as being in support of what the majority of people want,they will say one thing and do another.
We should know that by now!
Beware political smoke and mirrors,because in the end,it will be all about the money.
Governments will do just about anything for money,and nowhere is that more obvious than here in B.C.!
One more thing...
Interesting development with the Site C Dam project.
We now know that B.C. Hydro paid for everything for the big announcement a couple of months ago.
Airfares,hotels,meals,vehicles,mostly for politicians.
Who would have thought?
Still think the government/s is not biased toward big business?...including Enbridge?
Non-native people will be virtually ignored in their opposition to this. They have allowed themselves to be emasculated, bit by bit.

The only people with any clout are First Nations people.

It is entirely up to them. They have ancestral rights and no pipeline can be constructed on and across their lands if they do not give permission.

It would be tresspassing and actionable. They would prevail in court. Game over.

Let's see if they will stick to their guns.
Mostly natives protesting against prosperity!
Only 300 people......
What else is new? They do they same down south in Williams Lake against a proposed mine.

Hopefully not to many people will pay attention to this and ignore it.
HD -

1) The crowd today was incredibly diverse in terms of background, age and race.

2) 300 people on weekday is pretty substantial. One of the best turnouts I've seen in PG.

3) Do your homework and you'll find the pipeline would mean prosperity for very few people.

Hopefully many people pay attention to this and do their part to get involved in opposing the pipeline. It is an extremely detrimental project and I think people of BC are realizing that more and more.
Prosperity for whom? Is your last name Enbridge? What do you think you will get out of this boondoggle except a brief spike in coke and meth sales to pipeline welders.
How exactly would this pipeline lead to prosperity? The economic benefits are almost entirely short term. Once it is built, there won't be many jobs associated with it. If more oil is to exported from Alberta, it makes much more sense to expand the existing pipeline to Vancouver. Leaving aside the risks of the pipeline itself, the idea of oil tankers in Douglas Channel gives me the heebie-jeebies.
The missing point in this conversation is the oil needs to be transported from the oil fields to the markets (China). If the pipe line is not built, it will be transported another way, most likely by highway, through our towns, and sensitive ecosystems anyway. If it doesn't make its way to Kitimat, it will go to Vancouver. The real question should be, what is the safest way to transport the oil, and where. Pipelines are by far the safest way to transport large amounts of oil. A northern pipeline will keep the oil further away from highly populated areas as well as providing employment in an otherwise depressed area. It also provides the infrastructure that makes accessing natural gas and oil in the interior feasible.
You got it right billposer! There will not be any jobs after this gets built. This is just SHORT TERM HOPE!
I am with Rural. Pipe is the safest way to transport oil. Alternatives are trucks and trains and really, are the highways safer, not, and trains that trave near environmentaly sensitive areas. Think about it. Oil will be leaving this country on a ship. How does the opposition propose to get it there?? Magic Wand perhaps!!
Why does oil have to be exported to China anyways. So they can refine it there with no environmental regulations? The Alberta oil sands are a disgrace to our country and further expanding it is a crime to our environment. A pipeline through the north is a huge disaster waiting to happen as we don't have the capacity to catch a spill and contain it with fast moving remote rivers in a geologically active zone. This project has no real benefits for BC other than a few jobs equivalent of a Walmart once its completed by the out of province construction crews.

Had I not been working I would have been with the natives protesting this pipeline proposal as well.