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Woman Spends Night In Bush After Dog Suffers Injury

By 250 News

Sunday, June 05, 2011 03:16 PM

Search and Rescue set up a  command post  in search for missing woman  today at Gregg Creek Rd.
Prince George, B.C. - A Prince George woman who became the subject of a search on Gregg Creek Rd ( about 25 kms west of Prince George) was found earlier today about two and half kilometres from where she had left her truck to take a number of dogs for a walk.
Jeff Smedley, the head of the Prince George Search and Rescue, says his group was called out this morning after the woman failed to return to her home last night.
Smedley says "PEP air spotted her vehicle at about 9am. this morning and we were set up for a search and found her at 11 this morning."
The woman had headed out  on a walk with  her dogs yesterday, when  one of the dogs  chased after a bear.  The 56 year old woman  spent two hours searching for the dog, and  found the animal unable to move due to a hip injury,  near a swamp.  The injury was not delivered by the bear,( as was initially reported here)  rather, this was an older dog whch had dysplasia issues. 
Not willing to leave the dog behind because he could not  fend for himself,  and unable to  carry the large dog all the way out of the bush, she packed the dog to higher ground where she made camp for the night, knowing her husband would  launch a search  when she  failed to  return home as planned. 
Her husband spent several hours  searching for her when she failed to return home last evening, and  filed a missing person's  report.
”We had to use a stretcher to carry the wounded dog out of the bush, it was too large to carry" says Smedley.  The dog has now been taken to the Vet to have its injuries looked after. It's condition is not known.
The woman is fine.

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A 56 year old woman running around the bush with a pack of dogs. Dogs and bears being natural enemies one might expect the outcome. What an incredible waste of services and taxpayer money. I hope they charge her for the search and rescue because I percieve this to be no different than skiing out of bounds. Maybe she should be fined for cruelty or negligence because she was aware of the dogs condition and chose to take the animal into the bush . This story is dumber than the sled dog story at Whistler.
I agree with supertech. A complete waste of time and money for the search squad. Courageous of her yes, but wrong timing. Leave the dog and go get help. Her husband should be livid. (happy she's safe, but letting herself be a missing person over a dog???)
Your comments are downright heartless. Try having some compassion once in a while. People who have no regard for the lives of animals typically don't have much more for the lives of people. Crap happens and sometimes people need help, would had been better if she had injurred herself trying to get the dog out on her own? Would it have been better for her to abandon the dog to die a slow death? Or perhaps she should be a shut in and stay at home and do nothing but post negative comments on blogs.

Why do you have to share your bitterness and hatred with the world?
I fully understand and support the woman's decision to search for and take care of the dog. While I myself would have probably left the dog there comforable and gone for help (only a mile and a half back to the truck) she was probably concerned for the dog's safety in terms of predators. Thus, her decision to stay put, knowing she would be found fairly easily. Because she made that decision, it is only fair to expect her to pay for the search costs. And 56 ain't old, my 79 year old Mother still hikes, so there!
To all the people out there with family pets would understand and appreciate her gesture...I myself wouldn't leave my pet alone in the forest when injured.Obviously she is someone who cares and would risk her own life to protect her beloved animals.I love walking in the wild also and understand the need to do so.Away from all the stress of the city.All it's matter is she is safe and the dog will be taking care of by specialists.To all who post a comment should think twice before being negative.One day it might be you who will need help and kind words when rescued.
She didn't "need" rescuing. She chose to be rescued.
Thankfully she has a caring husband back at home who is concerned when she did not show up. If a single person was in this situation, probably would of (unfortunately) left the dog and hoped and pray that its safe upon return. The 2 negative comments at the begginning are not animal lovers. As a neighbour reminded me (when I let a bad word out towards a dog), would you say or treat your child like that? (meaning leave it alone in the woods)
damn, what some people will do for there animals. thumbs up!
I`m gonna side with supertech also...the woman is an idiot for taking a sick dog into the wild ,what was she thinking?the word senile comes to mind ..I don`t think her pets are safe in her house hold and should be removed...I would think it safer to take my sick dog for a walk on leash and in a city park where it might be a little safer for the poor animal...they are in danger and should be removed obviously..
Supertech,you sure have an issue with anything to do with animals.I hope you are never allowed to own one,as who knows how it would be treated.I would have done the exact same thing as this lady did.When a dog has hip displasia it is not a condition that is always visible to the naked eye and usually the best thing for the dog is exercise to keep it's weight down.My nine year has had this condition since he was born,and to this day he still acts like a two or three year old dog,that requires regular exercise.The only time the hip displasia affects him is if he overdoes it.I imagine the dog chasing the bear is the result of his hip acting up.Good for this lady as she obviously loves her animals very much.
I'm happy that she had a husband who realized she was missing. I'm happy that nobody was injured. I'm happy that the search team found found her and the dogs. I'm happy that we have people who will volunteer their time to search for anyone in trouble. I'm happy that there are so many compassionate people who care for animals and people. I prefer to appreciate those people who do care and choose to ignore those who don't.

I do not think that supertech has any two- or four-legged friends.
Surrounded by his supertech toys that slowly fry his brains he seems to be void of any humane feeling.
Words like compassion, kindness, sympathy, etc., are just not in his vocabulary.

And on to Vulgar Sage, the self-admitted philosopher of the uneducated class.

If I would encounter anyone of you with a broken hip in the bush, I would rescue your dogs.

I was a trapper in my younger days--in fact I grew up around animals(farming) and trapping. Animals are great--few people are.
talkingbear; I do have a big 120 lb dog and he's is a good hunting dog. When he's too old, I'll use him for martin bait--sorta like recycling you know. you're wrong about my vocabulary which has a UBC degree behind it. Those words are in my vocabulary but I just can't fathom wasting the use of descritive words like that on imbeciles. On the forgiving side; she's probably blonde.
I am glad that she and her dogs were rescued. Nothing in this article suggests that the dog had a pre-existing injury to the hip, so I am a little confused why so many people have commented that she willingly took and injured dog out to the woods. I have 2 dogs and they're just as part of my family as my children. If this was me, I would have done my best to care for my injured dog. She probably thought that her husband would find her for all we know, not search and rescue. Instead of picking a story apart looking for the negitive, I am going to look at the positive. She was rescued, her dogs were rescued and I wish her injured dog a speedy recovery!