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P.G. Ranked as 11th Worst in Country for Severe Crime

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Thursday, July 21, 2011 05:06 PM

P.G. RCMP Superintendent Eric Stubbs says despite  rankings, Prince George is a safe community.  click on photo or  on video icon for video.
Prince George, B.C.- The National Crime Stats which weight communities based on serious   and violent crime, paint a negative picture of Prince George.
Prince George has climbed in the ranks of communities( with a population over 10,000)  which have the most violent crime, or the most severe crime.
The increase in the rankings is no surprise to Prince George, RCMP Superintendent Eric Stubbs  given the number of homicides in Prince George last year “Nine homicides is a high level for this community, and of course it is a concern. In response to that, that level of homicides, there has been a concerted effort at the detachment level to focus on why those occurred. The overwhelming majority of those homicides involved organized crime, they were targeted, drug related and that’s been the priority of the detachment, to target those people in organized crime who need to be targeted. The efforts are paying off, we are seeing a significant decrease in violence in the community in 2011, however, having said, that there is still a lot of work to do.”
Superintendent Stubbs says that when it comes to organized crime, Prince George is a violent community. “There are a lot of firearms in Prince George in my short time here, the amount of firearms our members have seized , which includes AK47s, sawed off shot guns, numerous hand guns and long guns, to me is concerning. The fact that we are seizing those firearms is also positive “ He says the members are very focused on the issues, and Superintendent Stubbs thinks they are having some success. 
When it comes to severe crime, Prince George is now 11th on the list of 238 communities , up from the ranking of 14 recorded last year. 
As for violent crime, Prince George is now ranked number 7, up from 13th in 2009.
Here are the top eleven communities in Canada  when it comes to severe crime, these are the most violent crimes that can be committed:
1.      North Battleford,  Saskatchewan
2.      Thompson , Manitoba
3.      Yellowknife, NWT
4.      Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
5.      Williams Lake, B.C.
6.      Portage La Prairie
7.      Yorkton , Saskatchewan
8.      Prince Rupert, B.C.
9.      Fort St. John, B.C.
10.   Lloydminster, Alberta
11.   Prince George, B.C.-(last year ranked 14th)
As for Violent Crime, here are the top ten :
1.      Thompson, Manitoba
2.      North Battleford, Saskatchewan
3.      Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
4.      Williams Lake, B.C.
5.      Fort St. John, B.C.
6.      Selkirk Manitoba
7.      Prince George, B.C. ( last year ranked 13th)
8.      Yellowknife, NWT
9.      Prince Rupert, B.C.
10.   Winnipeg, Manitoba
Superintendent Stubbs says winning the battle isn’t always about enforcement, that there are some root causes to the problems which social agencies can help them with. Those issues include poverty, mental health and addictions.
Although the community has moved up in the rankings, Superintendent Stubbs feels confident the average person need not fear falling victim to violent crime  “For the average productive person, who is not wandering the streets at 2 in the morning, who is not high on crack, dealing crack, buying crack, engaged in that high risk behaviour, this is a safe community to live  in, I do believe that.”

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Along with crappy roads, we're getting pretty good here in good ole P.G.
Anyone want to take a guess as to what these cities have in common?
Hmmm. Is it people RUEZ?
They will never get rid of the crooks guns, ever!
"Anyone want to take a guess as to what these cities have in common"

Are they all in Federal Conservative ridings? Nah that can't be . . . not with their tough on crime policy, LOL :)
"Anyone want to take a guess as to what these cities have in common?"

Potholes? Fluoride added to the tap water?
Okay, this might cheer us up and put things into perspective a bit.

From the link below

"Crime rates across Canada dropped in 2009. A report released by Statisitcs Canada tracked incidents of crime reported to police and found that crime is down in both "volume and severity."

"Canada-wide numbers showed 43,000 fewer incidents of crime compared with 2008, representing a three per cent drop year-over-year, and a 17 per cent drop compared to 1999.

"The report also tracked violent crime and, with the use of some clever math, combined incidents of violent and non-violent crime to come up with a number called the Crime Severity Index. The appropriately named "CSI" was then used to rank 33 Canadian cities which we present here in declining order of crime rates."

Thsoe cities are the ones with a CMA of 100,000 plus. Which, of course, means we are out of the group, but others come to the forefront.

The first 5 on that list are:

1. Regina
Population: 210,000
Total number of reported crimes: 22,340
Reported violent crimes: 10,492
Change from 2008: -12 per cent

2. Saskatoon
Population: 257,300
Total number of reported crimes: 27,020
Reported violent crimes: 4,678
Change from 2008: -5 per cent

3. Winnipeg
Population: 742,400
Total number of reported crimes: 61,199
Reported violent crimes: 11,960
Change from 2008: +2 per cent

4. Kelowna
Population: 178,400
Total number of reported crimes: 18,728
Reported violent crimes: 3,333
Change from 2008: -4 per cent

5. Edmonton
Population: 1,155,400
Total number of reported crimes: 101,392
Reported violent crimes: 15,667
Change from 2008: -7 per cent
Oh, the thing those cities have in common?

They are in the west, and most or all of them (I have not done a thorugh check yet) are in areas where the RCMP is the provincial police and many of the city police force.

Ontario and Quebec have their own provincial police forces as well as city police forces.

I love you bcbound! You don't hold back and don't let political correctness stop you...well said dude!
bcbound it's attitudes like yours that really cheapens and lowers the standards on this site. You're entitled to have an opinion but could you say it in a better way so you don't come off looking like a big jerk.
Obviously you don't care because you're hiding behind a user name and spewing hateful and angry words that you don't have the guts to say otherwise.
BTW there are 2-legged animals everywhere. Some of them even post on this site.

Remember the linked article from last year? PG was number one in Canada with ALL crimes and Victoria was second?

So where are we in the total in 2010?

Kelowna is still in 4th place among cities with more than 100,000.
well, dnakamura, bcbound does have a point. There is a correlation between communities with a large first nations populace and high crime rates. In the mid west, many of the communities are overidden with native youth gangs who call themselves poseys and they are all typically very violent.
This is the full list of BC Cities 10,000+ ranked relative to other BC cities by overall crime index. The last number is the relationship to other Canadian cities. The first list of 33 is higher than the Canadian average and the second list is lower.

I am sure everyone will find their own interesting info in it.

I find it interesting that Langley is virtually tied with PG. So, when you see your friends in Langley, congratulate them for living in a great community. ;-)

Hey, Vernon and Kelowna are no slouches either ... :-)

1 Williams Lake, B.C. 211.6 5
2 Prince Rupert, B.C. 190.7 8
3 Fort St. John, B.C. 181.9 9
4 Prince George, B.C. 176.8 11
5 Langley, B.C. 175.7 13
6 Whistler, B.C. 153.4 16
7 Victoria, B.C. 144.4 17
8 Dawson Creek, B.C. 138.9 20
9 Kelowna, B.C. 133.2 25
10 Terrace, B.C. 131.8 29
11 Surrey, B.C. 130.9 30
12 Vernon, B.C. 129.0 32
13 Penticton, B.C. 126.9 35
14 Port Alberni, B.C. 126.0 36
15 Mission, B.C. 124.2 38
16 Nanaimo, B.C. 124.2 39
17 Campbell River, B.C. 122.1 42
18 Chilliwack, B.C. 120.0 44
19 Salmon Arm, B.C. 119.9 45
20 New Westminster, B.C. 118.6 47
21 Kamloops, B.C. 118.2 48
22 Courtenay, B.C. 117.7 49
23 Vancouver, B.C. 110.4 58
24 Langley Township, B.C. 107.9 61
25 Squamish, B.C. 105.4 63
26 Maple Ridge, B.C. 103.0 69
27 Cranbrook, B.C. 100.8 72
28 Burnaby, B.C. 99.8 74
29 Abbotsford, B.C. 93.1 82
30 North Vancouver, B.C. 91.6 84
31 Langford, B.C. 86.4 93
32 North Cowichan (Duncan), B.C. 84.5 97
33 Richmond, B.C. 83.3 102

This is the list which is lucky enough to be below the Canadian average.

34 Lake Country, B.C. 75.8 123
35 White Rock, B.C. 74.4 127
36 Sooke, B.C. 74.1 128
37 Port Coquitlam, B.C. 73.7 131
38 Coquitlam, B.C. 73.0 139
39 Parksville, B.C. 71.5 144
40 Powell River, B.C. 69.7 148
41 Delta, B.C. 67.2 156
42 Pitt Meadows, B.C. 63.4 164
43 Sidney, B.C. 59.6 175
44 Saanich, B.C. 57.3 178
45 West Vancouver, B.C. 51.1 193
46 Port Moody, B.C. 51.0 194
47 North Vancouver District, B.C. 48.9 204
48 Colwood, B.C. 47.7 208
49 Summerland, B.C. 44.8 212
50 Oak Bay, B.C. 43.7 213
51 Central Saanich, B.C. 40.4 219
52 North Saanich, B.C. 38.9 221
53 Comox, B.C. 34.0 228

The total number of cities on the country list is 238. Congrats to Comox.

Of the ten cities that have a lower index than Comox, one is from NB and the others from Ontario, mostly in the 20,000 to 30,000 population range.
My two cents
I think if you look, some of the safest places also have high native populations. One could probably also say that the further north you go or the more remote the city, the worse the crime.
Maybe it's the native bands that are to blame or maybe it's the bigot rednecks in these cities that make it worse. Or maybe it's the amount of drug use and alcoholism. Pretty easy to blame the natives.
Well said dnakumara. The reason for the numbers being the way they are is we have too many ignorant ppl spewing ignorant garbage out there polluting the minds of everyone coming up behind them. Unfortunately in communities such as ours, many of these close minded neanderthals rise into positions of prominence and the issues become more prevalent. Bcbound, perhaps you can try to enlighten yourself on why certain groups of ppl are struggling before you decide to post your hateful ramblings. Too much to ask? I suppose so...
Ditto Captain America. I pray and ask every day for more folks to become enlightened instead of harbouring so much hostility due to lack of education and knowledge.
Imorge, you are in the trenches every day in your job and you see things that most people in our community can't even imagine or relate to.
All I was saying in my previous post was that bcbound could have worded his post differently.
I'd like to see more posters on this site demonstrate more class and etiquette. I don't think this is too much to ask.
"I'd like to see more posters on this site demonstrate more class and etiquette."

Well, if we changed to that way of dealing with each other, other things in our lives would change and before you know it, the crime rate would go down .... ;-)
well--the statment about the natives . qusetion; is it true or not, and if it is -all you bleedin harts get to the back of the bus
Having lived in several of the communities on the list, I can say that one thing they all have in common is racism against First Nations people.
Waiting for Dan Rodgers to put his positive slant on the crime statics for Prince George.
Seems there is some connection between pot holes, guns, and high crime statistics.
Prince george mainly being a central location with highways leaving all 4 corners of the city to the rest of the country makes it a central location for pretty much anything including crime.
As much as it is considered politically incorrect to say it,bcbound does have a point.
Sticking our heads in the sand an pretending it isn't true, just because it isn't considered polite to say it,doesn't solve a thing.
Headshake...sometimes "racism" is confused with "frustration".
I believe most people do not intend to be racist as such,it just sounds wrong when they say how they feel.
They are in the west, and most or all of them (I have not done a thorugh check yet) are in areas where the RCMP is the provincial police and many of the city police force.

Are you telling us Gus that its harder to solve crime from the back of a horse which are not used by other police.

Sure its easy to say its the Narive population is to blame for our high crime rate. Tell me are the Bacon brothers native? How about the Hells Angels that also have an interest in PG?.
"Are you telling us Gus that its harder to solve crime from the back of a horse which are not used by other police."

You hit it on the nose, Retired 02!! :-)

Headshake wrote: "Having lived in several of the communities on the list, I can say that one thing they all have in common is racism against First Nations people."

Very nicely put, Headshake. Social problems are typically very complex. The question always has to be whether the symptom is caused by the ethnicity, or by the attitude of the general population and the societal segregation of the ethnic community. I suggest it is the latter.
Yep, maybe we need to start sending the people to jail, if they are known to police and continue to commit crimes. What a novel concept.

Maybe, we start squeezing in the drug trade, and make the market smaller, and let the drug lords shoot each other out, and then the RCMP needs to only deal with one gansta.

Maybe, we let the RCMP, shoot back at the criminals.

Maybe, start tattooing criminals, if your proven guilty as a drug dealer, it gets tattooed on your forehead. If your caught being a child molester, you get that tattooed to your forehead. Maybe that would be a deterent.

Maybe, the politician actally listen to the people and change the laws to make crimes punishable, wake up "Useless Dick"

Maybe, we the citizen start policing our own neighbour hood.

Poverty is the primary measurable determinate in crime (not skin color or race).

Literacy is also central since if you cannot participate in society, education, or socialization (verbally or technically), it leads to making other choices outside social norms (criminal behaviour)

Tertiary considerations are cultural & geographical distance (ie alienation), socialization (values), and access to community resources (solutions).

Unfortunately, humans tend to generalize about race, creed, colour, associations if different from themselves (whatever-isms)and look for correlations to confirm their suspicions (conspiracies & made up info).

The only thing I see in these lists, high crime rate cities have poor social supports and high remoteness issues, low crime rates have high social supports and sense of community.
Retired 02 you are correct and there are local white boys that probably have a large say in how crime is carried out right here in PG.Never mind the Bacon Brothers or hells angels who don't live here,we have enough of our own living in our own backyard.They are able to work along side of the natives who take part in the criminal side of things.
Weren't we #4 a couple months ago?
GET_Literate ... thanks for the best post on this thread. You got the key reasons. As always, there are excetpions of course.

You are bang on with this :
"Unfortunately, humans tend to generalize about race, creed, colour, associations if different from themselves (whatever-isms)and look for correlations to confirm their suspicions (conspiracies & made up info)"

Sometimes it is difficult for people to identify which is the root cause for an event/state/issue.

So, with your information as a more objective measure, here are some of the more visible stats from stats canada.

I happen to agree with Andyfreeze as well that we solve nothing by sticking our heads in the sand.
from census canada
the aboriginal/metis population as a percentage of the total provincial population. The last number shows the multiple by which the province exceeds the province with the lowest % aboriginal population - PEI

1 MB 15.47% 12.0
2 SK 14.88% 11.5
3 AB 5.78% 4.5
4 BC 4.81% 3.7
5 NL 4.69% 3.6
6 NS 2.68% 2.1
7 NB 2.45% 1.9
8 ON 2.02% 1.6
9 QC 1.46% 1.1
10 PEI 1.29% 1.0
The provinces sorted in order of decreasing provincial crime severity index, again with the last number being the increment above the low base of Ontario

1 SK 148.2 2.28
2 MB 127.8 1.97
3 BC 102.4 1.58
4 AB 97.9 1.51
5 NS 83.5 1.28
6 NL 80.2 1.23
7 QC 76.9 1.18
8 NB 69.0 1.06
9 PEI 66.0 1.02
10 ON 65.0 1.00

The order of the two is quite closely tied.

It is rather easy to see why some make the correlation with ethnicity and crime rate.
Of course, with one exception, the same top four show up as well at the top when considering total after tax disposal family income (2005 figures from 2006 census). The same goes for the bottom of the list.

1 AB $63,361
2 ON $59,377
3 BC $54,737
4 SK $50,875
5 MB $50,753
6 QC $50,719
7 NS $47,850
8 PEI $47,441
9 NB $46,198
10 NL $43,398

So, generally speaking, the richer the people, the higher the crime index.

More money to spoil the kids? More money to spend on dope?
Here is an interesting one. The percent of people who normally speak french at home

1 NL 0.13%
2 BC 0.20%
3 SK 0.40%
4 AB 0.59%
5 MB 1.72%
6 NS 1.90%
7 PEI 2.00%
8 ON 2.40%
9 NB 29.41%
10 QC 81.06%

Again with Newfoundland teh exception, the four highest crime index provinces are all within the top five of NOT speaking french at home.

So, we csan take from that that French speakers provide safer communities. :-)
It is what it is, we all know what the problem is, not much you can do, can't change history, the goverment has spent and missed out on tons of money trying to straighten them out, no taxes, free university education, licence free hunting and fishing, special treatment in the public education system, and discounts on numerous items. I would sure behave if I got all that, or would I? The spoiled kid always is a badass
"P.G. RCMP Superintendent Eric Stubbs says despite  rankings, Prince George is a safe community.  click on photo or  on video icon for video."
Get out the shovels, it's getting deeper!