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NDP Calls For A Halt To Smart Meter Installation

By 250 News

Saturday, October 01, 2011 05:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. - The BC New Democrats are calling on the provincial government to put the implementation of BC Hydro's smart meter program on-hold until a full independent review can be completed...

Local government officials attending the Union of BC Municipalities convention voted 55-percent in favour of a resolution seeking a moratorium on the smart meters, due to health, privacy, and cost concerns.  "We've had serious concerns from the beginning that this is a billion dollars wasted on a bad idea," says NDP Energy Critic, John Horgan.

And in light of the UBCM resolution, he says, "It's clearly time the Liberal government started listening to communities and to ratepayers." 

Prince George and Richmond were the two communities selected for 'rolling out' the new digital smart meters.  Crews began replacing analog hydro meters on city homes and businesses back in July.  An effort by local resident, Marina Jang, to have Prince George Council declare a moratorium on the meters back in August failed to gain support.  The Liberal government has mandated all analogs be replaced in BC by the end of 2012.

Horgan notes that Energy Minister Rich Coleman announced the program would move forward regardless of how the UBCM vote went.  The NDP critic says, "It is time for the Liberals to stop thinking they know what's best and start listening to the people they are supposed to be working for.  Let's use the independent review process we have in place at the BC Utilities Commission to take a look at all the unanswered questions about smart meters."


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I have one installed , and I was not informed we had the choice to refuse them. Ever since it was put in I wake up with headaches and I do not sleep properly. Doing some reading up I found that the radio waves put off by devices such as these can interfere with your bodies natural electrical system and can cause these and many more symptoms. Now imagine what the average block is like with 15 or 20 of these things emitting these radio waves . I will be calling BC Hydro and demanding they remove it and replace the old analogue system.
My sister had one installed; her summer usage is now the same as her winter usage. She does not run an air conditioner, does not need more lights and does not plug in 2 vehicles in the summer. i think too many Liberal insiders are making too much money for the program to be stopped. As for the Liberals listening to the people???....well we know the rest of that story.
You can't refuse them HarleyGuy72. The reasearch on radio waves is already there.

A World Health Organisation report into the issue concluded:

" ... there is no convincing evidence that exposure to Radio Frequencies shortens the life span of humans, induces or promotes cancer

"smart meter emissions are one-hundredth the power of a cellphone and if anyone stood next to a meter for 20 years, the radiation would be the equivalent of a 30 minute cellphone call."

Denaljo, are you saying that the old meters were undercounting or are you saying that the new meters are overcounting?
Think it is a good time to look into going into the alternative energy business.
So many Chicken Littles...
In Ontario the meters apparently are costing $200 each

In BC the entire program is apparently costing $1 billion. At $200 per meter, it mens that there would be 5 million installed her. That is more than a metre per person. Even accounting for businesses, that is too many, so in BC they must be costing around twice as much.

So, are our bills going to go up by that amount before we even have any savings? What is the payback of that to us?

We need some answers to some very reasonable questions. Are the feds funding this energy conservation program as well? Is it time to get a gas dryer and gas stove/oven?
I expect that the analog meters eventually wear out. If the worn out ones were replaced with smart meters, one at a time as they wore out, I wouldn't think someone was pulling a fast one over us.
Think it is a good time to look into going into the alternative energy business.

Yes it is, fat taxpayers paid subsidies and big contracts. Lots of money to be made at taxpayer expense. To top it off site c has to be built to provide base firm power to cover alternative energy. That is in hydro publications.
Meters do not have to ware out . there are utilities that have a maintenance program were meters are serviced and replaced on a regular basis.

As suggested this nothing more then a money maker for the government. what we sould be looking at is to insure that the meters are test for corret readings.

where we need vigilance is on our pocket book and not our health.
I get headaches from cell phones and have to turn it off when I have it in the truck with me driving... same when I had wi-fi in the house... feels like my brain is turning to cement inside. I may be one who is sensitive to the radiation they emit.

The World Health Organization recently declared smart meters a class 2 carcinogen in the same category as lead and smoking and said more research needs to be done.

For the BC liberal government to make this a unilateral decision with no discussion and no opt out demanding they have these installed on every home in the province is criminal IMO. It is consistent with their decision to mandate mercury filled light bulbs for the home as well... we should have a right to protect our home with the safest products available.

Why no land line smart meter like Italy is doing? Is the grid security and the peoples health safety of no concern to BC Hydro? Its all about money for a few insiders is all.

The US Homeland Security recently said smart meters are probably one of the biggest threats to national security in America today. They say the Chinese can easily hack the system and implement total denial of service with the click of a mouse in any cyber war. Furthermore they claim anyone with $500 at radio shack can do the same. My question is why worry about the Chinese when we have our own brand of totalitarians right here in BC that would surely use denial of service as a 'tool' for other unrelated agenda's as well... look at what they have done with ICBC and it doesn't take much of a leap to see where they would go with the smart meters.
I think if BC Hydro is set on putting in smart meters, then at minimum they should be required to move the meters to the furthest location on ones property from where people sleep... and they should be required to do it at their cost. The homeowner never asked for this threat to be introduced into their home.

It should be a charter of rights challenge IMO.
A good lawyer with any sense of loyalty to the public would be starting a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro for the threats they are introducing to our health and security. Using the charter of rights to deny this implementation until proper research is carried out independently and then only after proper precautions are taken for the serious issues that arise from this type of system could they consider a roll out of the program.

To roll it out with no debate and no independent research on its implications is simply irresponsible.
Lot's of opposition to these new 'Smart" meters, and I am noticing a fleet of new Ford F150's with one or two guys slapping these meters in everywhere now.
Looks like the panic is on!
Hydro/B.C.Liberals must have smelled an injunction coming from somewhere perhaps,given the evidence that they do appear to have some bad effects over the long term.
Would the government lie to us?
Well..ya,they would...we know they would.
I got a shiny new "Smart" meter last week.
I also got a shiny new digital meter last summer, but now it's gone of course.
Bit of a waste of time and money putting it in if they were only going to replace it with a Smart meter now?
They had to know they would be taking it out again...why did I need a new one anyway?
But let's all remember...because many people do seem to forget this...when we talk about B.C.Hydro,we are talking the B.C.Liberals.
They did this, even though they talk about B.C.Hydro like it was a seperate entity.
(they would prefer you don't notice that,I'm sure.)
That in itself explains a lot,and the fact that the laidback Rich Coleman is the mouthpiece, say's even more!
This is also the guy who oversee's our casino's.
We'll see where this goes 6 months from now...but I predict considerably higher hydro bills...soone rthan later.
If I am wrong,you can all tear me new one,but nobody spends close to a billion dollars ($780 mil.+)to install these so-called "Smart" meters if they are not going to increase revenue substancially.
And maybe it is all just paranoia about people feeling tired,headaches,nausea,etc,..who knows.
But...what if it isn't?
And if your bill does increase...who is going to do anything about that?
the Liberal government?
No, will be what it is,and we will just have to damn well live with it.
Pay attention,it could get interesting.
Eagleone: "The World Health Organization recently declared smart meters a class 2 carcinogen in the same category as lead and smoking and said more research needs to be done."

Wrong. The WHO declared EMR a class 2 carcinogen, not smart meters. EMR comes from lots of things like power lines, cell phones, wireless internet, etc.

When the 'no' side starts to twist information like this, you have to wonder what the agenda is.

You can always cancel your BC Hydro if you don't want smart meters. I think this is yet another issue that's being overblown by a vocal minority.
And no, I do not work for BC Hydro or have any relatives that do.
Agreed JohnnyBelt, that same WHO report also stated that although there is no known cases where it can be proven that radio waves have caused cancer in humans it might be a carcinagen.

"Not all types of electromagnetic radiation are in fact carcinogenic. Low-energy waves on the electromagnetic spectrum are generally not, including radio waves, microwave radiation, infrared radiation and visible light."

OMG people visible light is electromagnetic radiation, now what are we going to do?

"Cooking food at high temperatures, for example grilling or barbecuing meats, can lead to the formation of minute quantities of many potent carcinogens that are comparable to those found in cigarette smoke" Better turn off that grill!

Here is something else that WHO listed as a carcinagen.
"Shiftwork that involves circadian disruption" was listed, in 2007, as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer."

Better stop working shiftwork too people!

News from Ontario of how they will likely be paying for the meters. Looks like we may be looking forward to this as well.

What is happening with governemts these days. Is improved communication access by all finally catching up to them for real? Are the citizens becoming more demanding?

from the article regarding paying for smart meters.

"Soon you are going to have to pay for the privilege of having it forced on you, plus, you guessed it, you are going to have to pay HST on the extra fee. But not until next year – not something you are supposed to know about before an election.

"At least the smart meters were made in Ontario right? Nope made in Korea.

"Buried on a footnote on page 1-102, of volume 2a of the 2010 Ontario Public Accounts is a revelation that Dalton McGuinty’s Minister of Energy quietly approved a request from the Independent Electricity Systems Operator to apply to the Ontario Energy Board for a new tax called Smart Meter Service Fees.

"Page 13 of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s 2011-2013 Business Plan confirms that the Dalton McGuinty Liberals are already budgeting to collect $33 million per year in Smart Meter Service Fees beginning in 2012. Over the next four years, this would cost Ontario families $132 million to run the smart meter super computer.

"This new Smart Meter Tax will be applied to smart meter hydro bills above and beyond the higher costs of ‘time of use pricing’. Already under Dalton McGuinty, hydro rates have gone up 84 percent and 150 percent for homes with a smart meter, not to mention the $1 billion ($200 per household) price tag that came with installing smart meters.”

There are other reasons than health to put a stop to this until we know more.

This is all int he interest to save money. Save money by paying more. Why not just up the rate 20% and be done with it. We do not need to send our money collected by hydro to Korea.
I guess all those BC Hydro servicemen will be dying from cancer with all the exposure to electrial stuff durimng their lifetime. Talk about lots of Jobs. Is this how Cristy Crunch will create all these jobs. Oh and truck drivers will be going to the great divide as well
My only concern is the increase in what I pay. There is no reson to put the price higher when we have a huge surplus of energy in BC. Charge the Yankees and leave us alone. WTF?
You need to send a "Do not Install letter" registered and sent to Hydro asap....You also need a no trespassing sign and then add "Attn: Corix I do not consent to having a Smart meter installed on my property". These documents can be found on
Download them and get busy!!! Share this info with everyone you know.
The real danger here is time of day charges. Like Ontario Hydo, Bc Hydro is getting the infustructure in place to implement this cash cow under the guise of being green. Don't be sidetracked by the health debate.
I don't have one installed!
Ummm hate to tell you andc but hydro owns that meter that is on your house and the power line that is connected to it. So "no trespassing" isn't going to do squat. They have all the legal right they need to replace their outdated equipment.

Sure the price is going up with or without a smart meter so get over it.
If people are really concerned about smart meters, they should spend their time and energy trying to ban cell phones. See how far that goes.
Noseverance ... you seem to be a very accepting sole. Either that or you just like stirring the pot. I am very uncomfortable when others tell me what is good for me or make my decisions. Sometimes good things come out of rebellions. I have one question for hydro
why did they choose PG, Richmond and a couple of smaller areas in the province, actuallyI have alot of questions that I know will go unanswered. OH and one more thing Noseverance if you ever need a bigger stick for the pot ask me,I live on a greenbelt :-)
Please tell me how I am stirring the pot littlebuds? People are blowing this smartmeter program out of proportion.

People will see the bad in any change when they don't understand the change.

Now hurry up cell providers and get that 4G network going so we can fry our brains.

Why not PG, Richmond or anywhere else for that matter. They have to start somewhere.

Trust me on this one I mean no malice towards you and I believe every discussion has its yays and nays but it seems to me that, on your part, changes seem to be accepted easily by yourself. Very few times have I seen an argument against topics on 250. Of course I am not on here all the time and maybe it is just that I have missed some. Or maybe I am just reading between the lines and seeing something that resembles antagonism or even sarcasm but that is just me.
Personally I do not think it is being blown out of proportion,it may be generated by the fear of the unknown but there seems to be alot of questions that are not being answered and with this governments past record of ramming home their ideas people have become justifiably concerned. As for the question of starting somewhere I agree but the communities that were chosen appear to me being ones that are off the radar as far as the media is concerned.PG has the dubious honor of potholes,bears and most dangerous place to live. But how many stories come out of Colwood And Saltspring.Or am I reading between the lines again.Too many secrets.I am sincere when I say " Thanks for being civil"
On one other note The people of The Netherlands protested so loudly about smart meters the government reverted back to the old meters. History has shown that the Dutch are part of the elite of engineering. If they see something wrong maybe more questions need be asked.
On one other note The people of The Netherlands protested so loudly about smart meters the government reverted back to the old meters. History has shown that the Dutch are part of the elite of engineering. If they see something wrong maybe more questions need be asked.
I know there have been numerouse links sent so I thought I would share one too