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YXS Receives GoodHost Certificate

By 250 News

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 03:22 PM

Yahvel Velazquez presents certificate to Les Waldie and Lindsay Cotter

Prince George, B.C. - The Prince George Airport has finally  received its  WorldHost certification.  Originally, the certificate was to be presented last month at the airport, but the presenter's flight to Prince George was cancelled because of  inclement weather.

This afternoon, Yahvel Velazquez, of WorldHost Training Services presented the certificate to Les Waldie of the Prince George Airport Authority Board, and Lindsay Cotter, the Airport's Communications Director at the Northern B.C. Tourism  networking  conference.   "The certification is all about  customer service and improving customer service for everyone who uses the airport" says Waldie.

The certification makes YXS the first Airport in not only Canada , but the  first in the world to achieve this level of  customer  service training.

There were four other awards  presented this afternoon.
The “Educator” award went to Fort St. James National Historic Site, to recognize a stakeholder who best shares the culture, history and unique experiences of northern BC with travelers.
“Innovator” went to an individual, Brian Hall, who was the driving force behind the Hankin-Evelyn Recreational Area, west of Smithers.
The “Protector” award recognizes a stakeholder who respects the region’s assets and resources. This may be through minimizing their impact on the environment, serving as a leader to others in their efforts, or working to conserve our history and culture. This year’s winner is Ray Collingwood, whose commitment to the Spatsizi has spanned over 40 years.
The Walter Smith Visionary Award, awarded jointly by Tourism Prince Rupert and Northern BC Tourism, recognized Gladys Young Blyth, for a lifetime of advocacy for the North Pacific Cannery National Historic Site, as well as being a community leader and author of note.

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That otta get those big jets to land....
Goodhost indeed... the so called security at YXS is more heavy handed than the TSA in the USA. The last place in the world I would call a good host is the Prince George Airport... and I've been to the middle east... AND the USA. Good luck with retained tourism after folks have been through one experience with the rentacops in PG.... Just sayin'
thats great keep up the good work!!!...the more the worker work hard the more achievement gain,promotes tourism in PG is the more visitors and travelers comming.