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Diamond Jubilee Celebration Held At BC Legislature

By 250 News

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:29 PM

Victoria, BC - A ceremony celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee just wrapped up at the BC Legislative Buildings in Victoria...

The legislature resumed today with a morning session, followed by a half-hour outdoor ceremony marking the Diamond Jubilee with a Guard of Honour and 21-gun salute that started at noon.

BC's Lieutenant-Governor, Steven Point, and Premier Christy Clark observed from the steps of the legislative building.

Click here to watch a live webcast of the proceedings when the Legislative Assemby resumes at 1:30pm.

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Gawd...what an absolute waste of taxpayers money and peoples' time. Can't we get rid of this monarchy kind of thing already. This is the 21st century afterall.
What you'd put in place of it would likely cost far, far more than anything we spend on the monarchy now. And what would we then have? Some kind of "President", either as Head of State or also Head of Government? If that's what we want, some kind of a two bit 'banana republic' that can't even grow bananas, knock the border out of there and join up with the States. Then you can elect some real 'bananas' to head your country.
I thought Campbell was Monarchy
Didn't Australia do away with this monarchy stuff ? The only change would be saving some bucks . Also more room for animal pic's on our money.
No, Australia did not. They've had at least two referendums on it, and the Queen is still Queen of Australia. We wouldn't be saving anything. The cost of changing everything we'd have to change would be far and away larger than anything we've ever spent, or likely ever will spend, on keeping the monarchy. In all likelihood any Royal tour brings in more money to the economy than it costs. Having the Queen as Head of State is one of the greatest bargains we ever get from government.
Right, those royal tour's are a bargain and the Governor General and the Leiutenant Governor's work for free.
They don't "work for free", but neither would whatever we called their replacements.

And if we elected those replacements?

Well, you don't exactly hold an election for "free", do you?

Royal tours are a great boost to tourism ~ a lot of Americans flock across the border to get a look at what we've got that they don't. Who's going to flock across the border to see some 'President' of Canada?

And if we continued to appoint some President in place of the Governor-General it wouldn't be done by the 'recommendation' of the Prime Minister, where the monarch could say, "NO" to having that representative, (there is at least one precedent where this happened), it would be done BY the Prime Minister.

And we'd lose one of the personal 'checks and balances' between the three branches of government which is embodied in our Executive branch being ultimately headed by the monarch, not the PM. Who is technically, as head of the Legislative branch of government, the main advisor to the Crown.
The whole english monarchy should be abolished, not just in Canada but in Britain as well. Just a bunch of useless figureheads who really don't do anything but tour around and cost tons of other peoples money to support them.
Be careful what you wish for, But. You might get a system where the replacement for those "useless figureheads" go back to executing people who criticise them. And cost way MORE than "tons of other people's money to support them."