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Fatal Accident Shuts Down Highway 97 North Of Quesnel

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Friday, February 24, 2012 10:41 AM

Prince George, B.C. - At approximately 9:45 this morningQuesnel RCMP were called to a fatal collision on Highway 97 North approximately 15 kilometers north of Quesnel.  Constable Krista Vrolyk at the Quesnel RCMP detachment confirms one person is deceased.  Their home town is not available at this time. It is not known whether there are other victims who may have been injured.  She says the collision involved a semi and a passenger vehicle.  At this time  the highway is closed to traffic in both directions.  It is anticipated that the road will remain closed for at least a few hours.  


Investigators remain on scene and further information will be released as it becomes available. 


RCMP would like to remind all motorists to exercise extreme caution while driving in these winter conditions.  Slow down.  Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with proper snow tires. 
Road conditions in the Prince George area are deteriorating with the snowfall, but Corporal Craig Douglass at the Prince George City Detachment says as of 11:30 this morning there had been no motor vehicle incidents of any consequence reported in the immediate vicinity of the city.

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What a winter this has been.
Please take care out there folks, and consider driving slower than the posted limit. Hitting a big semi with any sort of vehicle will not improve anyone's day.
Wow, another fatal accident in this region and again a semi involved ....

I wonder if we can ever get any follow ups of causes, other than the usual first stab at it such as speeding for the conditions of the road.
Comment not releated to this particular accident.

Travelled to Kamloops and back last week with lots of wet ice on that highway and people still were doing about 140km/hour.
I honestly think these "half azzed" winters are worse for this. If there is a ton of snow and cold then the roads are snow covered and predictable. This bare one day, icy the next, slushy the next seems to cause far more major crashes. Of course it still comes down to driving for conditions..
I've witnessed two roll overs this winter... lots of the four wheelers getting caught on a snow drift and then fishtailing from side to side before going in the ditch. Always on the straight stretches (ie potato flats out west, or the roller coaster up north are bad stretches). Its just a matter of timing, and if a four wheeler crosses paths into a transport truck not many are going to walk away from it.

Sometimes slowing down makes it worse... I think in bad road conditions maintaining about 80km is best because your tires can work and clean out at that speed, but plug up and slid at lower speeds, and just don't do much at all at higher speeds. When the snow is blinding most transport trucks will be doing between 80-90 as well so that helps if most traffic is going about the same pace as no one can see the rear of other vehicles if they're covered in snow.
Hi there, The comment about the accident involving "another semi'', in the last 2 fatalities involving semis, NEITHER semi was the cause in either case. I get quite tired of the semi drivers getting blamed for all the accidents they are involved in.
Yes, they are responsible for some, & yes, some of the semi drivers are idiots, but most are good drivers, just trying to earn a living, & get home safe to their wives & families. A lot of 4 wheelers seem to think that they semi can stop on a dime, & turn on a dime, & needs to "get off the road", but, stop & think, most every thing you use, have used, will use, eat live in or have, was delivered by a semi.
Give the semi drivers a break, most of them are great guys, & girls, that will do anything they can, to avoid an accident.