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Local Rally Protesting Federal 'Omnibus' Budget Bill

By 250 News

Saturday, June 02, 2012 01:25 PM

Rally participants opposed to Bill C-38 gather outside MP Bob Zimmer's office

Prince George, BC - More than 30 local residents opposed to the Conservative Government's proposed budget bill gathered outside Prince George-Peace River MP Bob Zimmer's closed office this afternoon...

Similar rallies are being held across the country in what's being billed as a 'Blackmark Day of Action' by the group,  Local organizer, Karen Anderson, says, "Bill C-38 is a huge document that touches on more than 70 other pieces of legislation, makes great changes, and, in some cases, repeals whole Acts."

"And there's no explanation for that and because they (the Conservatives) have limited debate, we don't get to know what the reasons are for some of these things," she says.  "So we think it's too big.  If Bill C-38 is passed as is, it will put a black mark on democracy and our reputation in the world."

Anderson and others involved in the rally are calling for 13 Conservative MP 'heroes' to stand up for democracy and vote against the bill.  Among the many concerning issues to Anderson in what's been dubbed the Omnibus bill: changes to Fisheries and Oceans, changes to environmental assessments which would allow Cabinet to overturn any recommendations put forward by the National Energy Board, and the cancellation of the Kyoto Protocol.

She says Bill C-38 is a daunting 425-page document that needs to pulled apart and not rushed through Parliament.  As for whether area MPs Bob Zimmer or Dick Harris will be one of those 'heroes', Anderson says, "I hope so."  She has emailed her concerns to Zimmer, but has yet to receive a reply.

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The Omnibus Bill C38 is Harper's version of Hitlers 'Enabling Act'.

Both centralize power with the Fuhrer (leader), side step parliamentary process, and enable the irrelevance of political opposition.

We seen early signs of this coming with Harpers position labeling environmentalists as foreign controlled extremists, the election scandals that gained them power, the propensity to attack opponents personally rather than through policy, and the friends of fascism geopolitical and economic policies.

The brave people that are standing up early to this disintegration of our democracy should be applauded by everyone that cherishes what Canada once was.
"Let them eat cake."
30 participants, eh? That oughta make Harper et al shake in their boots. Where is everybody else? Arby's?
As usual Harper is the **Bad Guy** Eagleone overlooks the fact that the first Omnibus bill was passed in 1888, and there have been many many more since then.

Lets blame Harper for everything, it makes life so much easier. He can be the Universal Fall Guy. I suspect in some way he is responsible for all the troubles in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, et al;

He was probably responsible for the cancelled Air Canada flights to Calgary, and the failure of Horizen Air.

.... whiners trying to refight last election ... get over it an make your case next time ...
30 wow.
Palopu that makes no sense. Whats all this UFG stuff? He calls the Canadian Government the Harper Government... that's Harper that does that.

Your suspicions set aside not one part of your argument for Harper mentions anything about the topic at hand. Sure there has been an Omnibus bill in the past, and ya all of them added together wouldn't add up to Harpers, but not even you can not deny this bill side steps parliamentary process, proper debate, and openness into why these major changes to Canadian law are even being put forward.

So it you like the hypotheticals, then what if the socialists were in power (which they will be if this kind of arrogance continues), then what... its all ok then too to have previous laws all lumped into a budget bill and changed wholesale without proper debate, secrecy as to where these changes originated, side stepping parliament?

Come on now Palopu, even you should understand why we should have due process, MP's should work for their lucrative pensions and big raises, Canadians deserve an open process, Harper has the majority anyways, and where is the respect for the intent of the people.

So in Palopu's world we are to believe its not ok to implement HST (changes must have cut into his contribution margin), not ok at all ok without a debate on the issue prior to an election... not ok at all to borrow and spend for a dyke to protect the downtown business properties and put it on home owners property tax without a discussion prior to the election. Sounds legitimate.

But also in Palopu's world it is ok to take two years of Old Age Security away from a younger generation of cohorts... to force people to take jobs at lower pay even in different communities when on EI... to allow foreign workers to take jobs at lower pay, few rights, and even under foreign management rules when foreign owned rather than provide affordable training to Canadians... to obliterate the protections in place for our waterways and fisheries... to make irrelevant the National Energy Board with cabinet decisions on their special interest pipelines... to fix the Enbridge Gateway process (through shortening the process by law) so it is a done deal before the people of BC ever get to vote in a provincial election... to close essential public safety infrastructure while being fraudulent about the costs for a F-35 program... and we could go on, but its the biggest Omnibus bill in Canadian history... no debate at all on any of it prior to the last election. But for Palopu this slight of hand is entirely legitimate so long as its by the Harper Government, just don't mention Harper.

That is democracy? Entirely ok some of the time to campaign on some unrelated special interest, only to take a 38% majority as a mandate to change any damn law they please, with no debate and no outside impartial light into their process, but we are all inflicted with Universal Fall Guy syndrome if we stand up and say hey, "these issues belong to all Canadians as we are all stakeholders in the way our government makes its laws".

It can not be 'ok' to cheat Canadian voters through hidden agenda's not advertised at election time, so long as its an issue 'you' agree with.
If Harper can do what he proposes in this Omnibus bill, than what stops him from changing every damn law in the country next Omnibus bill? Is that where Canadian democracy has evolved to? One man with the power to change every damn law in the country with one budget bill in a crisis.
get a job.
We got your colour now Pal. Helps to explain your analyses of th recent HST coments that you made that had a Harp[er slant..
"She has emailed her concerns to Zimmer, but has yet to receive a reply."

Years ago I (snail)mailed two polite letters to MP Jay Hill - I never got a reply either!

My opinion: It's payback time for Harper! He is still smarting from all the questions he had to answer and the democratic concessions he had to make when he was in a minority position! Now, let the opposition squawk all it wants to!

Revenge, thine colour is Blue!
"The Omnibus Bill C38 is Harper's version of Hitlers 'Enabling Act'."

Well, not quite. Hitler's party never received a majority in Parliament. He was given extra-ordinary powers by the cabinet and the president. He then made a grab for power and outlawed all other parties, Then, and only then, did he get a majority in the next election - no surprise since there was nobody else left to vote for anymore!

Harper's party however received an outright majority in a fully democratic election, there were candidates from other parties to choose.

People can complain all the want now, but if they had not figured out what Harper and the Conservatives stood for BEFORE the last election - they can only blame themselves for the situation which they themselves helped to create. They must have thought that the whole contempt of parliament thing was just a trivial matter. Obviously a lot of people who had not voted previously for Conservative candidates voted for them the last time around.

If they are gnawing on their fingernails now it serves them right!

Those 30 courageous souls who exercised their right and duty of expression are the backbone of democracy. Please note that they did not hide behind nicknames as do their sniping cynical critics. Were is the courage or value of such behaviours.

Is the Canadian equivalent of Hitler's "brownshirts" Harper's Beige-shirts, waiting in ambush to volley such wisdom as "get a job."?

Hey Ben, perhaps a "thumbs-up/thumbs-down" option would give the writer an opportunity to measure the level of "community acceptance" to modify their future contributions.

JohnGrogan aka John Grogan

Eagle: "to force people to take jobs at lower pay even in different communities when on EI... "

EI was never meant to be a wage subsidy for seasonal workers to sit on their azzes all winter. Unfortunately, there are far too many people abusing the system this way.
30 protesters against Harper paying off his corporate backers - zero for his undemocratic attack on Canada.
"...which would allow Cabinet to overturn any recommendations put forward by the National Energy Board,..."

Woosh...there goes the whole entire justification and reason for having a National Energy Board! Why bother to maintain it if it has less power than a pet rock?
Johnny good to see you agree with everything else I wrote.

If what you write is true, than why not just change the required hours to receive benefits and shorten the benefits period for periodic recipients?

Forcing people to take lower paying jobs away from their homes is not what EI should be about. EI is an insurance system that allows for transition while maintaining a career path or level of dignity while making that transition. A system that is fully funded by the employees and employers themselves. The rates paid nowadays are nearly half what they were twenty years ago.

The EI changes are about allowing employers to use the EI system to undercut wages they pay to employees by having a pool of workers they can force to work for less. Its about dismantling the middle class, so corporate shareholders can increase their profits. Lay people off and then force them to come back at a lower pay... a race to the bottom.
a velvet 'Enabling Act'... a little more slight of hand with a twist of legitimacy, but essentially the same outcome.
Eagle: "Johnny good to see you agree with everything else I wrote. "

Why would you assume that?

Eagle: "EI is an insurance system that allows for transition while maintaining a career path or level of dignity while making that transition."

I agree. It is not for seasonal workers to supplement their yearly income while they sit at home doing nothing in the off season. If the abusers need new rules to get them off of their azzes, then so be it.