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Regional District Reviewing Fee for Truckload of Garbage at Foothills Site

By 250 News

Thursday, February 28, 2013 05:01 PM

Foothills landfill, photo courtesy  Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.
Prince George, B.C.- The Regional District of Fraser Fort George has  held off in  approving the amount it will charge for  small loads   of garbage   taken to the  Foothills Landfill site. 
The initial financial plan called for a  $6 dollar fee  per pick up  load to  be charged  effective July 1st.  That has changed though, as the Regional District  has to re-crunch numbers to see what the financial impact  will be  for it taking over the Quinn Street Transfer station from the City of Prince George.  The role of Quinn Street  transfer station called for  full year of solid waste collection and recycling.  But the City  wants solid waste collection at that site to stop May 1st,  so  the  budget will have to be  revisited and the  small load user fee  could be  altered as a result.
The rate charge is to help build up a reserve that will be needed to deal with the Foothills site once it has reached its capacity and will have to close and be monitored. It is estimated the current site will reach its maximum capacity by 2023. In addition to costs to prepare for that closure, there will need to be reserve funds to cover a 25 year “post closure care” plan for the site.
In a recent opinion poll conducted by 250News, ( a poll which  by no means  is scientific)  readers were asked  what fee they would be willing to pay to dump a  pick up load of garbage at the Foothills site.  While there was  no surprise the overwhelming  response  supported no  fee ( 2213),  of the outlined rates,  there was support  for  $5-$6 dollars per load (398) compared to  315 who said they would pay $1-$2 dollars, and  148  who said they would be willing to pay $3-$4 dollars per load.
In addition to   the new charge, the Regional District has also proposed increasing the tipping fee base rate by $5 dollars this July, then a further $5 dollars in each of the next five years, and a further $3 dollars per tonne in 2019 to bring the per tonne tipping fee to $90 dollars.
The Regional District will finalize the numbers  at next month's  meeting of the Board of Directors, set for  March 21st.
***Editor's note:
This story has been updated to clarify the proposed time frame for the end of solid waste collection at Quinn Street.

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That's going to overload the Quinn transfer station.

What was wrong with $4
Yep. Why drive so far when it's the same price in town...
Seems to me the story states that solid waste will not be received at the Quinn St., station after May 1st.

So people will not have a choice, they will have to drive to Foothills, and of course pay whatever rates the **bandits** charge.

After all the time and money we paid (as taxpayers) for the fancy facility at Quinn, why are we now not going to be using this facility?

Seems to me this is just another manipulation by the City (Stoltz) to move things around and make it appear that we are saving some money.

On the other hand, maybe the staff that moved into their new $3 Million dollar digs, don't want to be smelling garbage, so the whole of Prince George has to be disrupted.

No matter which way you cut it, it is another GOOD reason to send the present Council packing in the next election.

Just how much money can they waste???

Can't ask the Mayor, because she and her buddies, are wandering around Ottawa having big meetings with no-account Federal Politicians.
For 6 bucks how much of this stuff will end up in the ditch instead of the landfill
Nothing is free in life. Like everything else, costs to run these facilities is going up. The money has to come from somewhere.

The only downside to all of this is that some PG slobs will feel more justified dumping their garbage down forestry roads and the like.
Dumping garbage at a dump is the one thing in life that should be free. Those that can't afford the fee will dump anyways. Its operation should come out of general revenue and not user fees to make the accountants look good.

I wonder if next we will have coin operated garbage bins downtown... put in a loony and get to open the lid to put your garbage in. Oh thats right we don't have city garbage bins in PG....

What a pathetic state this city is getting too.

Taxpayers are already paying for these 'services' this is just another hidden tax, on top of environmental fees, on top of carbon taxes, on top of hydro rate increases, on top of increasing energy taxes ....governments are not listening, the individual taxpayer is getting tapped out!!

This is what happens when you reduce income
[corporate and personal] to make it appear your reducing taxes....when what your really doing is increasing the depths your going into our pockets while cutting vital services.

Maybe we can start burning it....
"Nothing is free in life"? You might want to think about that one a bit, Johnny. There are no doubt some people who'd like it to be that way very much, but fortunately they haven't been able to put that proposition completely into practice yet. Though they're sure trying. And who knows, they might even convince us yet? It'll take more than God to help us if they ever do.
Jim the only reason the governments have been able to replace progressive income taxes with regressive user fees, consumption taxes, carbon taxes, ect ect is because at the same time the government was increasing its revenue from a forced taxation regime on lower and middle income earners... government enabled this with lower interest rates and higher debt levels.

Once rates go back up the gig is up and the economy is toast. One big ponzi scheme where taxation revenue increases are fixed until the day we realize we let our economy slip away to China while we covered up the cancer with cheep credit. Todays generation will have a tough go of it trying to get back the free enterprise economy that made this country... strangled with taxation before profit the odds are against the new entrepreneur in the new world order.
Charge a fee and you'll see a lot of free dumping everywhere in the bush.
Sure makes sense buying a $50,000.00 Nissan Leaf pretending to be green and then having pickup trucks travel up Foothills to the land fill contributing to the green house gases. From just about anywhere in PG it will take 3 liters of fuel for a trip to the land fill site and back home. $4.00 bucks for fuel, $6.00 bucks to dump plus the extra garbage that will beautify the foothills landscape as it blows off the pickup trucks.
To bad the swap shop was closed. With the cost of taking a load of trash to the dump it could of turned into a family outing as going to the beach will soon be unaffordable.
What happens to those with small loads to dump? Will they be charged the same as for a full truckload?
If so, then we can expect to see people holding onto small loads until they can fill a truck. The result: Garbage rotting in garages, smells and rats. And, of course, growing piles of trash in ditches and dead-ends.
Think of the unintended consequences before charging fees like this.
Was at the Foothills landfill last weekend and had garbage bags stacks in my truck and they told me that starting in March they would turn away people that did not have thier garbage tied or netted down. Trust me those giant black garbage bags were not blowing out, nothing was loose. If they had turned me away I may have been very temped to throw it in the ditch at thier entryway...
Socredible: "Nothing is free in life"? You might want to think about that one a bit, Johnny."

I did, and I also came up with the conclusion that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

interceptor: "Was at the Foothills landfill last weekend and had garbage bags stacks in my truck and they told me that starting in March they would turn away people that did not have thier garbage tied or netted down."

Well, from their point of view, you have to establish some sort of standard. If you hit a bump the wrong way, a garbage bag could easily flip out of your truck. The mess around the landfill from people who are too lazy to tie their loads down is hard to ignore.
Recycling is FREE. If you recycle properly then you won't have to pay the $6. The rest of your garbage will fit in your garbage cart. If you don't want to drive to the landfill push for curbside recycling. As for roadside dumping if you get caught the bylaw fine would pay your $6 fee every week for a year. I am sure the city will be stepping up enforcement.
JB - I do get it but if you saw my load I would need to roll the truck for it to come out - LOL

bentely - you are absolutely right, the only problem is people in PG fear the bylaw officers about as much as the gangsters fear the police...