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Hockey Day In Canada Coming to PG

By 250 Sports

Wednesday, December 04, 2013 11:15 AM

Minor hockey players join  Prince George Cougars V.P. Brandi Brodsky and Scotiabank's Trevor Lutes in  making announcement - photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  Hockey Day in Canada is coming to Prince George.

The community will be one of several in Canada to be featured  January 18th on the annual CBC /Scotiabank event, that celebrates the sport and  how it brings Canadian communities together.

Hockey Day in Canada will be anchored in Lloydminster Alberta/Saskatchewan, and will present 13 hours of live coverage  from  that community, and  three satellite communities  of  Prince George,  Barry’s Bay, Ont., and Sydney, N.S.

Together with minor hockey organizations in Prince George, the Prince George Cougars will be featured  as they play an afternoon game at the CN Centre against the  Edmonton Oil Kings.

The full day of hockey  includes  four NHL games.

“There will lots going on at the afternoon game between the Cougars and the Oil Kings” says  Cougars Vice President Brandi Brodsky.  “It  will be a great opportunity to show the rest of Canada just what a great community we have, and what we have to offer.”

The CBC will be doing live reports from Prince George,  including minor hockey games and the Cougars match up.  “We’re really going to try  and make it a fun afternoon” says Brodsky “We are really happy the partnership we have with Scotiabank is going to  give us another opportunity to spotlight Prince George to the rest of Canada,  this is a great hockey town, and its such a  great community.  With the Winter Games coming here,  it seems like its perfect timing to show the rest of Canada what we have  here.”

Brodsky says  they have been working on making this happen for about a year, “We had hoped we would be chosen,  and talked to the Edmonton Oil Kings  if there  was a possibility of  moving that game time to 1:30  in the afternoon and they  were happy to  accommodate us.”

There will be  a number of  events in  Prince George to celebrate  Hockey Day in Canada,  not all the details have been finalized yet, says Brodsky,  but  NHL Alumni will be in town to help in the celebration "We look forward to sharing more details as to the day's itinerary over the coming weeks, as we are sure that fans and Prince George residents will want to come out to our game that day and join in the festivities."

“It’s going to be a great day to celebrate hockey in Prince George and  be part of a national event” says Trevor Lutes of Scotiabank “We are really excited to show off Prince George and our hockey spirit in this town”.

The event won’t just  celebrate  Hockey in Canada,  it  will  provide the City with an opportunity to  showcase Prince George   as a preview of  the  2015 Canada Winter Games says Andy Beesley, Manager of CN Centre and Community Arenas “Because of the strong support from  Prince George Minor Hockey Associations and all the affiliated  associations and teams, CBC and Canada are going to enjoy a great day  in our City.”

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I'm so jaded. It would be embarrassing for Canada to see an empty rink, so like a smuck, me and probably 3000 other people will pony up $18.00 for a ticket putting $54,000 into the Cougars pocket - almost feels like blackmail.

As for showing Canada what we have to offer - DON'T. I like it the way it is. No traffic jams, affordable housing, lots to do without having to rub elbows with everyone else doing it. Keep quiet, or they may all come and turn us into Kamloops.
Should highlight a Spruce Kings game instead. Be more entertaining.
I'm sure the Cougars will be supplying free tickets to fill the seats for this show.
They won't give away a single ticket.
When I heard that there was a news conference this morning I was hoping that one of these things had happened:

Brodsky sold the team to the Novaks
They fired Dallas Thompson
They made Dallas Thompson the new president (or some other position where he has little or no say in day to day operations) and the first order of business is hiring a new general manager with real credentials.

Reading about this Hockey Day in Canada is a little disappointing. Based on everything hockey in Canada suddenly becoming Rogers, I was expecting that they would change the name to "Roger's Day in Canada".
Ya, we want the Novaks!!!
the highlight here will be the ice oval - hopefully the conditions will be favorable.
Cougs will be minor story fill. I expect
every school will get a block of tickets
for the game or the announcers will have to explain
the strange tradition of people in prince george liking to dress up as green plastic folding seats when coming to a cougars game.
That's funny Walrus. I noticed in a print media ad that the Cougars ran a couple of years ago they had to photoshop a crowd into the seats. Looked like the crowd in an early version of a hockey video game.

Oh how I miss the good old days. Full house very night, national caliber coaching, an old drunk GM who could only make a deal with Saskatoon and the pandemonium of trying to buy playoff tickets because they actually made the playoffs back then.

I've said this all along. I will come back to Cougars hockey by purchasing my seasons tickets again on the day that they get a real manager with a decent hockey pedigree.
Until Papa Brod takes a hit elsewhere on his bank account I don't think the pressure is really here to change much. As long as the WHL remains a high profile league the franchise value will grow. Even if he has to dump 100k, 200k in each year his payoff will come in the final sale of the team.
But he could be making so much money here if he tried. He knows every other potential owner(s) can see that too so he's in the drivers seat.
that would be nice to see again. i remember a few years back having to line up at 5am to make sure we got the playoff tickets we wanted and now you cannot even give tickets away.