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Crews Continue Working to Restore Power

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Friday, January 03, 2014 09:57 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It  has now been more than 24 hours without electricity for  about 1200 BC Hydro customers in the Prince George region.

The heavy wet snowfall of the past couple of days,  caused trees to topple on to lines. BC Hydro spokesperson , Bob Gammer, says  crews are seeing repeat problems in some areas “We aren’t talking one tree,  we are seeing many, many trees  come into contact with the lines.  Crews have cleared  some areas of trees,  only to have to return to the same area later after more trees have come down,  so  the situation seems to repeat itself.”

Customers  in the  Upper Fraser area,  and  Chief Lake-Ness Lake area  seem to be the hardest hit, but there are other pockets of outages  throughout the Prince George region.

Right now,  BC Hydro is estimating  power will be restored by around 4 this   afternoon, “But that is just an estimate” says Gammer,  who adds  while they are seeing some “good progress” in making  repairs,  the estimate could change as conditions  may make it more difficult to  make those repairs.

There are also outages   west of Prince George, through Cluculz Lake,  and Fraser Lake,   and south  through Hixon.

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Why is Hydro waiting until there are actual outages before dealing with overhead trees?

CEO needs a pay raise?
Good work ladies and gents.. all of us who lost power and have it back are more than grateful for all your efforts.( well most of us )

Heck of a way to start the new year.
Sounds like these tree's are actually falling on to the power lines. Beetle kill??
So this is about 12 times this year for Willow River and area. This time 30+ hours so far. No work was done on the aging lines in the summer when it's easier to get to. Now April they want 9% raise for crappier service. I guess I better make sure I have a better generator next year as Hydro as done just a terrible job. The money was made over the years when Upper Fraser Mill and Giscome were in operation. Now it's not really feasible to upgrade and repair the aging lines for about 300 people. I feel bad for the old folks that count on the electric to heat their houses. Good time to plan the living off the grid.
When I asked a bought a tree leaning over the power line. He told me why cut it now if I can get overtime for it later.
Then you have people yelling don't cut the trees.
they probably don't have to cut them down but they can sure trim them.....

another example of lack of thinking or planning for eventualities....
too busy payuing bosses and little attention to infrastructure.

kind of like city of PG
It's back on at my place - only about 25 hours total. After seeing all the trees & stuff down on the lines on the way to town, I was bracing myself for several days worth of darkness.

Good work BC Hydro!
Seamuttt nailed it. If people aren't screaming to not cut the trees, they're screaming because trees cut their power. Sometimes, you just can't win.
JB - sometimes??
JB go light a candle and close all the blinds while you are at it