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Black Ice Blamed for Crashes

By 250 News

Friday, January 17, 2014 05:38 PM

Prince George, B.C. - As the sun sinks and the temperature slips, there is plenty of black ice developing on Prince George area roads.

That has  led to a rash of crashes, like the one in the photo at right which is causing a major delay on Foothills Boulevard, north of North Nechako Road.  A van has rolled over at that site.  No word  yet on if  anyone was injured.

There has also been a crash on University Way.  Emergency responders are still dealing with that one.

RCMP advise  all drivers, not to be fooled by the Spring like temperatures  enjoyed earlier today, as things are cooling off  quickly, and that  is helping to make roads slick.

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I saw the temperature fluctuate between -2 and +3 in the span of 10 minutes last night when I drove from the Hart Highway to Otway. +3 on the Foothills bridge over the Nechako to -2 on Otway Road.

Use the temperature display on your vehicles, if you have one. They sure come in handy in temperatures like we're having.
I'd say the drivers are more to blame, but that's just me.
No way JB.I'm going to drive like its July 1st (its my right) and when I fly off the road or smash into some one it will be everyones fault but mine.
Guess the news didnt tell them it was slippery? ;)
You guys are good for a chuckle, I agree headline should read . . . .Drivers blamed for Crashes!!!!
No, the original headline is correct - The black ice is being blamed; however, JB is also right, the drivers should be blamed ... only reminds me to question any assignment of blame ... I am surprised some one hasn't blamed global warming or ....
If I am traveling with traffic I watch the guy in front of me, his tires specifically. If I see spray it's all good, if no spray then it's icy and I back off. It's a simple little thing that a bunch of people don't think of that will save your ass.
But I've got studded tire so I can go 100km/hr down foothills no problemo!

No way ' ;)
There are so many things, JohnnyBelt, that drivers pick up on of what to watch for. Well, some drivers anyway. Others just point their vehicle down the road and hope for the best. It scared me when I started to teach a relative to drive. How does one impart 47 years of knowledge gained, to a new driver? There are just so many things to point out that I felt totally inadequate.

Anyway, I get a chuckle out of the comments here.
Nononononono.......when will you people learn.

Its the Governments fault.
Send them to a professional give more! That way you won't teach them 47 years of bad habits! Sent my kids to a driving school and they were trained well. Not everyone is destined to teach!

Funny thing about's slippery!
NoWay: That's what I did. And I have very few bad habits when it comes to driving, thank you.
But you have a few! ;)

After my kids started their driving lessons I couldn't teach them anymore. Those darn head/shoulder checks drove me nuts. They were taught well and I don't worry about their driving but some of the others on the road are darn right scary!