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Police Seek Your Help

By 250 News

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 08:54 AM


Prince George- Police are reaching out to the public after their efforts to identify a man in a bait car have been unsuccessful.

On Tuesday December 31st, at 4.15 pm. this unknown man entered a bait car parked off Domano Blvd.

To date police have not been able to identify him.

He is described as  a thin Caucasian male, between 18 and 28 years old, with short dark hair.

If you have any information you are asked to contact police at 250-561-3300

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So, what are we doing setting up bait cars and not staking them out? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?
I bet police are real proud to make this announcement.
You can see from the picture that he has the door propped open. Can't lock 'em in if the doors aren't closed.
They have the picture and finger prints on file now! Sooner or later they will get him! What an idiot!

Good work!
I just hope someone seeing this can identify him. Like maybe his parents?
wasn't me.....
Your 128 policemen at work.
I know if they put a bait car monitor down at timmys there bound to get some kind of reaction
I see an employment challenged, non-skilled worker.
Somebody give him a job or send him to school so he doesn't have to embarrass himself or his family with petty juvenile crime.
If they can't catch a perpetrator with a bait car were definitely in trouble
What are they going to charge him with. He obviously did not steal the vehicle, for entering a bait vehicle. If it was not locked, than he can't be charged with B/E.

I know the intent of it is to catch them stealing the vehicle. But if you can't nail him for stealing the vehicle, why are they asking for public help......?

Is this person also known to have done something else at around that time?
It does not say whether the bait car was fully functional and that he was able to get it started and drove off with it. I would think that if he managed to get it to drive that an on board, hidden GPS would have tracked the car.

But, I also assume that that the police will not give out sensitive information which would help other thieves.

Maybe he is a criminology student wanting some practical experience of what it feels like to be a car thief ... ;-)
Should have parked the car at any Timmies..
They usually leave items in an unlocked car such as smart phone, cameras, laptop, ect to see if they can lure someone into trying to grab them. As far as I know the charge would still be break & enter. Same as someone entering your house by an unlocked door
Where were the cops? Hmmm... Too easy!
Cops at Timmies makes me not go to Timmies. Why a whole month to release this??
Cops at Timmies makes me not go to Timmies. Why a whole month to release this??
I thought the idea of a bait car is to catch car thieves? Not too many petty thieves who only want to steal your stuff will get in the car and close the door rendering that part of the bait car useless.

And what about a better camera? Surely, there is something with a little more resolution that's clearer?