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Search Is On for PG Detachment OIC

By 250 News

Thursday, March 27, 2014 09:51 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The search is on for  the person who will  become the next Officer in Charge of the Prince George detachment of the RCMP.javascript:void(0)

As 250News reported yesterday, Superintendent Stubbs will  be moving to Ottawa.  He will take on  the role as “Director General  of National Criminal Operations” at RCMP National Headquarters.  While the role has a civilian style title, the RCMP rank is  Chief Superintendent.

"The last three years have been the most challenging and rewarding of my career” says Superintendent Stubbs, “I'm extremely proud of the members and staff who work in this detachment.  They work so hard to make this community a safe place and have been relentless in targeting prolific offenders and driving down crime in Prince George."

North District Chief Superintendent Rod Booth offers high praise for Eric Stubbs “For me it is bitter sweet. I’m  terribly pleased for him and he’s a wonderful man, he’s an amazing leader.  He has superior inter personal skills and he’s a great communicator.  He has all the right stuff to rise as  far as he  wishes to rise within the RCMP.  He also has youth on his side,   I see amazing things in his future as he continues with the RCMP.”

Chief  Superintendent Rod Booth says the window for applying for the  job  as  Officer in Charge of the Prince George detachment  will only be  open for a short time “We were able to synchronize the announcement of Superintendent Stubb’s transfer to Ottawa, with the  advertisement, so the job (opening) has been posted.  I believe the closing date for applications is April 9th, that’s  about a two week turnaround.”

Chief Superintendent Booth says  he is “strongly encouraging” that the  next phase of the search be a “structured interview that will include community leadership.”   Previous Mayor , Dan Rogers  was involved in the selection process which  resulted in  Stubbs being hired for  the job in Prince George in March of 2011.    Chief Superintendent  Booth says while ultimately the decision is the  RCMP’s to make,  having  community leaders involved is extremely important to ensure they  select the right person who has the skill set and  experience  to be the right fit for the  community.

Should Superintendent Stubbs  sell his house and make the move before his replacement is  able to arrive,  then  the  second in command at the detachment ( Inspector Brad Anderson) would fill the gap.


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About the building: As I was driving to work this morning, I pulled up to the lights and waited for my turn to I was going through the lights, a very bright blinding reflection comes off the glass of the front when the sun is shining on it......This could potentially be a very dangerous risk, but now that it is built without the thought of saftey of people who drive down Victoria Street, maybe the planners can change the position of the sun.....
Tell ICBC bout it :)
If you look at the picture above, you will see the reflection of the glass from where the sun hits on Victoria Street plain as day....
I think I will complain to ICBC, thanks
Same thing applies to the TDbank building at times going east in the evening. Something for the architects to think about in the future.
That building can only be described as an architectural disaster.

"Castle Grey Skull", (all the glory with little reward). Nuff said.
must have been designed by a committee working as individuals with different ideas.

"We got $50 million bucks, let's spend it!"
Glass is a bad Insulator , even triple glazed with all the coatings you can think off. The Question I have ,why are we using so much Glass in our cold Climate, do we have Money to spare to heat this Place ?
insulation? we don't need no stinkin' insulation! We need to support the LNG industry!
"That building can only be described as an architectural disaster." CAN ONLY be described THAT way because its your opinion Plaopu lol Its only the finest looking building downtown and in fact from an architectual viewpoint is Amazing!
Thank you for your service to Prince George Superintendent Stubbs, I've had the opportunity to have met you in your time here and you are truly a class act, your predecessor has giant boots to fill.

Reflecting glass....really?

predecessor precedes or comes before the subject
Hey Evolution;;;;;;;;;Yeah Really....and yes Stubbs a class act, you on the other hand??????
My bad.....
CrysBaron. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In my opinion it is a bloody disaster. In fact it almost appears that the architect tried to see how ugly he could make the building and still have us pay him.
Palopu, I agree, the building is ugly with its intensely overbearing looks!

It looks way too big for the size of lot it sits on and does not reflect the serious business it is intended for: Policing and law enforcement.
Are those wooden gallows just for show or are they going to string up the guilty on them?
Sorry folks, disregard the link I posted as I see the moderators cleaned up this thread.

Thank you mods.
looks like i have to learn to stop posting in 'disappearing ink' :)

I thought that's why they made sunglasses and sunvisor. beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say.
Put me down as part of the "that thing is ugly" crowd. I just find it very obnoxious and not a design that will stand the test of time.

It actually reminds me of a 1 ton diesel with a lift kit and big stack exhausts rising out the box spewing black smoke all over the place.
It seems that many don't like the look of the new RCMP building. Maybe we should bulldoze it and start over. ;-)
Shiny windows? Just squint. Free and easy. Might even add "character lines" to yer face.
On the topic of this news article; "Should Superintendent Stubbs sell his house and make the move before his replacement is able to arrive, then the second in command at the detachment ( Inspector Brad Anderson) would fill the gap."

In HR management circles, there should be a succession management plan in place, particularly for senior management positions such as this.

Ideally, the position incumbent leaving would stay for at least a couple of weeks and orientate the new person to the detachment, the job, and any important initiatives planned and/or underway. IMO

This is government People#1. When it comes to HR management, throw all logic and best practices out of the window, LOL.
I'm trying to reverse the signs of aging by not squinting and straining my eyes, I have enough "Character" lines for everyone..LOL and people would think it would be weird if I looked in the glass windows everytime I drove by....distracted driving.........
Perhaps there is no connection, but this announcement comes not long after the position that Stubbs occupied became a direct report relationship to the City Manager.

Just putting that out there.
Yes its ALL a conspiracy.....and the building I suspect would not make ANY of the folks that frequesnt this site happy no matter What it looked like!! I have heard many people say that it is an Amazing looking building and adds alot to the downtown.....maybe they should have just built a square grey Box, but then we'd hear complaining about that lol!
Ugly ? I'll go one step further. That building is FUGLY. Looks like 7 different architects all got to design one small part of the building.
built on a large lot surrounded by grass and trees it would look much better ,,, its built, it isn't going anywhere ,,, get over it ,, focus your attention on things that can be made or done for the better of all :) hug and kiss someone you love in your family ,,, tell them you love them :) good start
Okay.....stop the PAC !!
with you on that ,,, stop the insanity
The back of the building and the sides look o.k. to me! So, J.B. - hold the bulldozers for now! ;-) Let's hug the designer!
the sides are the most ugly ,,, hug whoever you want
your children and your surroundings are your most precious resource .. pay special attention to THOSE ,,, not some building ,,,get it :) cheers
Posted by: middle finger on March 27 2014 7:04 PM
Ugly ? I'll go one step further. That building is FUGLY. Looks like 7 different architects all got to design one small part of the building.

What he/she said.
And the sides are ugly too. What genius dreamed up that pattern and those colours?

I'm sure I've asked and I'm sure someone has answered, but remind me again whey no parkade or covered parking for the police cars. I find it humourous to drive by the current cop shop and see them wiping off 10" of snow from the night before. Seems odd to me.
Previous Mayor , Dan Rogers was involved in the selection process which resulted in Stubbs being hired for the job in Prince George in March of 2011. Chief Superintendent Booth says while ultimately the decision is the RCMP’s to make, having community leaders involved is extremely important to ensure they select the right person who has the skill set and experience to be the right fit for the community.......................

Holy Sh#t were screwed!!