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Williams Lake Woman Attacked and Robbed

By 250 News

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 04:10 PM

Williams Lake, B.C. – RCMP are hoping  the public can help them find a suspect in a brutal robbery. 

Sergeant Richard Le Beuf of the Williams Lake detachment, says last evening,  a  39 year old woman was sitting  in  her vehicle  with the window down,  when she was hit in the head .  “She was blind sided” says Sergeant  LeBeuf, “she never saw it coming, and didn’t see her attacker (or attackers) approaching  the vehicle.” 

The blow knocked her unconscious and when she came too, her  purse was gone. 

The woman was taken to hospital, examined and released. 

Police say the woman had a sizable amount of cash in that purse and police say no, this was not a drug deal gone bad. 

Anyone  who may have information on this  incident,  or knows of someone who  has suddenly  come into a large amount of  cash,  is asked to contact Williams Lake RCMP  250-392-6211

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I would start with anyone who knew she had a large amount of cash in her purse.
This is another pathetic piece of news. Maybe she had just left the casino or bank machine and someone was watching her,, maybe on tape ? I hope they catch the piece of garbage responsible for this . If found guilty, im all for public stoneings , rock please
I endorse this type of behaviour ever since I watched,,, Monty Pythons, life of Brian, way back in the seventies )
Keep your windows up and your doors locked.
Pretty sad when you cant sit in your car with the window down.
I think that it would be obvious if this person was able to strike someone and leave them unconscious they wouldn't have any problem smashing the glass out first, then her, regardless if the door was locked and window up ,target for someone ? Just my thought With this day and age a person needs to be aware of there surroundings at all times.
Blessed are the Cheesemakers... :) Seriously though, I hope the poor lady is ok. Catch the POS(s) that did this.
public caning would be a good deterrent
Cowards. The police probably have a good idea where to look. I hope the lady gets her money back and makes a full recovery.
Then the courts let them go. Waste of time. There is no more punishment for crimes anymore. Slap their wrist, add to their record and let them go so they can do it again.
Send them to Baffin Correctional Center, than they can enjoy their wonderful accomodations.

The problem is, when they do catch the poS. they can't prove it. so they get slapped on the wrist..... Maybe slab their wrist with a chainsaw.
Enough of this bleeding heart crap , we should all be allowed to carry guns. And plant the M.F.r.
I think it would be great if the backup camera that will now be mandatory on all cars in 2016 had a kind of black box backup of the last hour... then they would only need to hit the save button and a creep that stalks someone from behind like this would be on camera... and better yet they would never try something like this knowing full well they are on camera before they even contemplate committing the crime. It would cost nothing, but would add greatly to public safety.

I know if someone backed over my kid, or stalked me from behind that I would like to know that evidence is secure.