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Brodsky Seeks League Approval For Sale Of Cougars

By 250 Sports

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 01:38 PM

Calgary, – The Western Hockey League announced today a special meeting of the WHL Board of Governors has been scheduled for Wednesday April 30, 2014 in Calgary to review applications to transfer the ownership of the Prince George Cougars and Regina Pats WHL franchises.  The meeting will take place at the Deerfoot Inn in Calgary at 8:30 am, prior to the WHL Awards luncheon.
The owner of the Prince George Cougars, Rick Brodsky has entered into an agreement with Mr. Greg Pocock of EDGEPRO Sports & Entertainment Ltd., to purchase the Prince George WHL franchise.  Mr. Pocock is the head of a group consisting of local Prince George businessmen and former WHL players who formed EDGEPRO to purchase the Cougars franchise.
It was also announced today the ownership of the Regina Pats franchise, Russ and Diane Parker, have agreed to sell their franchise to a group of Regina businessmen headed by Anthony Marquart.  Mr. Marquart has formed Queen City Sports & Entertainment Group Ltd., to acquire the Pats franchise.
Both franchise purchases are subject to the approval of the WHL Board of Governors.  In order for the transfers of ownership to be approved, a two-thirds majority vote is required from the WHL Board of Governors at the April 30 meeting.

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Great news. Now the first thing the new owner(s) need to do is burn everything and anything that the Brodsky's ever touched and start from scratch.
Yes! Finally!
Great news. I will be in line for my seasons tickets again. Please hire hockey people.
My exact thoughts, Fate.
Best news on 250 in a loooong time!

Things are supposed to happen in threes so the next two great headlines will hopefully be "Sherri Trounced At Polls" and "City Says NO to More Debt; Dismantles IPG"
Congrats PG, great news IMHO!
ExPat-PGRes....What you said.
The line up for seasons tickets should be longer than the line up at the liquor store in PG on Xmas eve in the early sixties.
Well its still 7-days away... some say god created the universe in less time than that... so a lot can happen in that time.

For all we know Winnipeg is working their angle behind the scenes to grab one of the teams... so then they can have a WHL team like all the other cities in the west of the country. Rumors are they've been wanting this for a while now, to have WHL hockey in Winnipeg.

For the league where would they want to go... Winnipeg or PG and Regina? Its anyone's guys who's side the WHL owners are on side with. Maybe Prince George hockey fans? Maybe mega millions from a Winnipeg rivalry instead?

If they have to seek WHL governors approval than nothing is solid until the deal is done, I would assume?

Whats to say the WHL governors don't see PG fans as nothing more than a bunch of bumkins and dump Brodski and PG all in one fellow swoop?

Would the WHL be loyal to a city to have some semblance of a geographical representation to the league? Or maybe some loyalty and faith that PG could become a leading WHL city one day again under some solid leadership? Its anyone's guess.

Time Will Tell
I couldn't see hamhuis being involved if it meant moving the cougars to another town.
If the WHL decided not to approve the sale, then Hamhuis wouldn't be involved, and it would be the Winnipeg ownership group who would have no problem moving it to Winnipeg.
Posted by: Eagleone on April 23 2014 10:15 PM
If the WHL decided not to approve the sale, then Hamhuis wouldn't be involved, and it would be the Winnipeg ownership group who would have no problem moving it to Winnipeg.

The WHL would prefer to see an expansion team start up in Winnipeg versus having a team simply relocate there. The expansion fees are good for their bottom line.

What we'll see is this; the WHL will grant the sale of the Cougars and the new owners will agree to keep the team here for 3 years. If, after the 3 years, the stands aren't consistently full the team will be allowed to move. My guess is to Nanaimo.
Move the Cougars??....IMO That ain't goin to happen. My guess... 4500 plus at first game. FOR YOUR INFO... You can reserve your favorite season seat right now at ticketmaster for $75, balance to be billed later. Good way to avoid the rush. Lookin forward to great hockey season. Congrats Greg, Eric and Dan. See you at the game.
who wants to bet this brings ed dempesy back to the cougars, what a dumb move that would be
Ed Dempsey???? Sure.

The only 2 real hockey people that the Brodsky Cougars ever brought here were Denis Polonich and Stan Butler. Stan is 15 years into his tenure as Head Coach of the North Bay Battalion of the OHL. He was a hockey guy. I hope they go out and spend money on a proven GM and coach.
Stan Smyl if they could get him... or one of those Sutter brothers would be able to whip that team into shape and bring serious hockey people into the organization.

Also it would be great if they could create a synergy with the Spruce Kings and maybe even change the name of the franchise to reflect that? Kind of like a farm club of sorts?