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Willow Inn Business License Suspended

By 250 News

Thursday, April 24, 2014 05:04 PM

Prince George, B.C.  – It  was  a full day of  discussion with legal representation, but in the end, Council for the City of Prince George has  voted to suspend the business license that would  have allowed  the  Willow Inn on Victoria to  operate over the next year.

In a special meeting of  Council today,  those Councillors who attended ( Garth Frizzell, Albert Koehler, Lyn Hall,  Dave Wilbur, Cameron Stolz and Mayor Shari  Green) voted unanimously to:

“suspend the business license number 74621 of Homeland Holdings Inc with respect to the property at 1656 Victoria Street in Prince George, for  a  12 month period from June1st, 2014 to May 31st 2015 with the following conditions:

  1. Tenants or residents at Willow Inn  will be provided  with notice of termination  of tenancy by April 30th 2014, for a May 31st 2014 departure.
  2. No units  will be rented out between June 1st 2014  to November  1st 2014 ( 6 months) or  from  June 1st 2014 to  May 31st 2015 (12 months)
  3. Homeland Holdings  Inc will provide a performance bond in the amount of  $10,000.00 to the City  which will be  returnable if compliance has been met to the  City’s satisfaction, or forfeited if  compliance has not been satisfied by the  applicable deadline
  4. Compliance will be satisfied pursuant to the terms, conditions and assurances outlined in  a letter  dated April 14th, 2014 from Ian Kinman, and an  email dated December 18th, 2013 from Guy Gusdal in the materials, and pursuant to a final  inspection by City Staff.”

Philip Danyluk is the owner and operator of what is now known as the Willow Inn, at Victoria  and 17th Avenue in Prince George.  It has had other names in the past,  it was called the “Homeland Inn”  and before that  it was the Ranch Motel.

It is a spot that is well known to police, as  RCMP Inspector Brad Anderson advised Council the  former “Ranch Motel” had  68 calls for service during 2012, from police, fire and city bylaw officers.

Danyluk  told Council he realized  there was  a problem in July of 2013, and started  issuing eviction notices to have people   removed from the  motel.  There are still  five rooms occupied,   and he is  pulling  $500  a month from  each one.

While he says he would not disagree that the place has had many issues, Danyluk says  he has been trying to fix  all that.  Although he initially denied  ever having  a business license suspended  before,  he later admitted that  was not the case, although he didn’t  specify  which property he owns  was  the subject of that suspension.

Danyluk also owns the London Hotel on 3rd Avenue,  and maintains an office  at 1205 – 3rd Avenue which is home to the White Goose Bistro.  He operates the Willow Inn in Quesnel,  5 properties outside of  B.C., and a company  called “”  which offers real estate services under which he manages  properties for  other people or other companies.

He is not a resident of Prince George,  although he  says he spends a lot of time in Prince George.  His home is in Burnaby.

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Long overdue. Well done!
Posted by: Grizzly1 on April 24 2014 8:14 PM
Long overdue. Well done!


The problem still exists; all they've done is move it from one location to another. We need to start treating the disease not just the symptoms.
With the Winter Games coming in 20l5 It would be nice to see a nice new complex of some kind sitting on this spot, maybe take in the vacant lot next door , maybe the owners of the properties can work together to make something spectacular. The Connaught Inn also needs looked into as it is falling into disrepair.
PG has gone through atrophy in recent decades. Large stores displaced the smaller stores, and large expensive houses dominated the new housing stock with very little for quality middle income and low income housing renewal. PG has become a breading ground for slum lord potential with a plentiful supply of 40+ year old wood structure housing comprising the vast majority of the housing options.

PG housing renewal rates are not self sustaining and haven't been for two decades. this lack of renewal is a huge leading indicator of the trend in the quality of the overall real estate. Sure we see significant increase from time to time in year over year starts, but these are from a base that is no where near self sustaining renewal rates for a city this size.

PG is not a city that attracts quality housing developments because it has debt risk uncertainty tied to property taxes and has all the financial eggs in the resource industry basket with very little on the quality of environment for livability considerations, thereby handicapping the city from an ability to attract people to stay long term in PG, much less buy into developing quality projects in the city. So the city stumbles through atrophy in stories like the Ranch Hotel, the VLA in general, and the downtown shopping locations.

PG needs to have investors that can come to town and leverage their land into quality projects through evident future progress in the area. Instead more than not PG investors are circling from above looking for cheep deals they can leverage to harvest for some easy revenue. Cheep properties in PG they probably tell each other?