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Local SPCA Hosts Open House

By 250 News

Monday, May 12, 2014 03:55 AM

North Cariboo SPCA Assistant Branch Manager, Sarah Thompson, volunteer, Melissa Alexander, and Magnum get ready for visitors

Prince George, BC - As part of its annual month-long fundraising challenge, the North Cariboo SPCA hosted an open house at the local shelter this past weekend to give those who may not be 'regulars' a chance to learn about its operations...

Each year, Prince George pits itself against Kamloops in a bid to see which community can raise the most funds for its local shelter.  North Cariboo Branch Assistant Manager, Sarah Thompson, says after efforts last year surpassed the goal by a handsome amount - the 2013 goal was $20K, but closer to $36K was raised - the ante was upped this year to a goal of $40-thousand dollars.

Thompson expects almost $30-thousand dollars was raised with the first event of the month, a gala at the Hart Crown Banquet Hall at the start of May.  "We still have funds coming in from it with people picking up silent auction items, that kind of thing, but we're close to that."  Still to come are the kennel lock-in at Pine Centre Mall on May 24th; on the same day, the branch will hold its biennial garage sale at 57 Hough Place in Malaspina Ridge; and one of the shelter's volunteers is hosting a bake sale at the Roll-A-Dome on the 25th.

While Saturday's Open House was not part of the fundraising activities, Thompson says it was an opportunity for those who don't come down to adopt or volunteer to wander through and see first-hand the many roles the local shelter plays.  "Many people know that we are the city pound, but we do so much more," says the assistant branch manager.  "We do humane education, we do summer camps, we do cruelty investigations."

15-year-old Duchess Park student, Melissa Alexander, was helping to set up for the event.  Melissa is the North Cariboo SPCA's 2014 Volunteer of the Year.  Since October, she's been coming to the shelter everyday to walk the dogs and help out with other essential duties.

She says her favourite part, and it's the reason she comes daily, is, "The new dogs and animals that come in - getting to know them."

Magnum was very happy she was ready to take him for a stroll.

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When will they have an "open house" for the homeless.