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Investigation into Kwitzil Lake Tragedy Continues

By 250 News

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 12:51 PM

Prince George, B.C.- RCMP say they will be  examining  the 1994 GMC Jimmy SUV which rolled into Kwitzil (Gravel Pit ) Lake on the weekend, resulting in the deaths of  17 year old Kendall Gabriella Moore, and 19 year old Craig Allen Wood.

The two were  at a  post prom party at the lake,  as were  hundreds of others.

Autopsies and  toxicology tests will be  conducted on both victims, and the Prince George RCMP's Forensic Identification Section will continue to examine the 2 door SUV including a mechanical exam on the vehicle in an effort to determine  what caused the  vehicle to  roll into the lake.

Police  would like to see  any photos or videos that were taken  of the incident by those who were attending the party. The images  could  help police determine the facts in this tragic event.  Investigators would also like to speak to anyone who may have spoken to either of the  deceased in the  early hours  prior to the tragedy.

In a release issued  today,  Prince George RCMP are also advising  the public   there is a  lot of speculation and rumour  about  this incident "Some of these rumours have surfaced through both traditional and social media.  There are formal investigations underway that will determine the facts." reads the release, "The police and our partners must make determinations based on facts, not rumours.  Once a determination has been made, any enforcement, prevention or awareness action will be taken if necessary."


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Are there ever rumours flying around about this tragedy!

Sitting in a restaurant with my wife last night, we heard it being loudly and profusely being aired out by the folks at the table next to us.

This is a good example of how willing people are to believe almost anything, just because "somebody said it", with no consideration for waiting for the facts.
I would never own a vehicle with power windows and power door locks. Not saying this is what happened in is the case, but you cannot get anything open when the battery shorts out. I wish they would pass a law that every vehicle needs to have a manual window opener override.
I believe that the vehicle had capability of unlocking the door manually, most do, but it is almost impossible to open a door with that much pressure against it. Best to let the vehicle fill with water then open it, pressure is equal then. very hard to sit and wait for that to happen though. all in all this was a very tragic incident and best to wait until all the FACTS are in.
condolences to the families involved.
My deep condolences to the families.
I think something has to be done about these bush parties...bad things always happen. There's no getting around it:(
Did the vehicle roll? Did the windows not open? However it occurred it is a sad disgrace that it happened at all.
Did the vehicle roll? Did the windows not open? However it occurred it is a sad disgrace that it happened at all.
Sunsetter - what do you mean "something has to be done about these bush parties...bad things always happen"?

What do you propose? Police stationed at every possible location to stop them from occuring? Passing yet another law or laws to further curtail personal freedoms in our already over-burdened system?

There is such a thing as personal choice. You cannot use legislation against stupidity, accidents, suicides, murders, etc to stop them. If you could, they wouldn't still be happening.

We live in a world where life and happiness and prosperity and good things are not a guarantee. And no amount of rules and regulations can guarantee those things to young or old.

Without any disrespect to the kids or families involved, trace back anything that happens, and you will find that it did so because of specific choices made by individuals involved. That is a philosophical verity and fact of life.
You are right jet stream.

Just like you and the other posters on O250, I have an opinion, it may be different from yours or maybe the same. But it's an opinion.

I am sad for the kids and sad for the families. That's universal.
I'm tired of how every post gets anti-posted here by the anti-everything thinker.
I'm Sunsetter and that's MY opinion.

Loss is a terrible thing to go through, tragic all around, traumatic for those at the scene .
I wish strength for the families of the kids that died.
X-it. Myth busters showed the battery does not short out and both door looks and windows both work if car is submerged. The big problem is pressure. The pressure on the doors due the size makes,them almost impossible to open when submerged until,the water inside the vehicle equalizes the pressure.

Nothing really matters though as we lost two young lives. Nothing can be said to relieve the pain and suffering both families are going through at this time.
Agreed P val a very sad weekend.
Go out and sit in your car and just see if your power windows goes down with the ignition off Val
We need to provide options to "bush parties". Indoor warehouse raves with the best music, no alcohol of course but relax the rules on impairment a little with some adult supervision.

I heard the Blues Underground had something for the under 19 teen crowd a while back. Lets provide more social options and places for our kids in this city, so they don't have to drive over 30 kms out of this city to party in the bush, or at least reduce these occasions.
Without getting into endless speculation about how this happened or who is responsible this could quite possibly happen to anyone.. If you have been to this lake you can see just how easily a vehicle can enter the water and it drops off very quickly..
Expecting teens not to party is in the same league as expecting non-fixed dogs to not mate. Please have safe wet grades. If no ones watching this is what can happen. Condolences to the families and friends. When I think about what I got away with when I was that age, I have no real reason as to why I survived. Absolutely dumb luck.
Wow!Some of the comments on this subject just astound me.I have never been in this scenario,so I can not offer any expertise as to why this tragedy happened or could have been prevented.I have been in a lot of different life altering moments,and I am very grateful to still be above ground.My deepest condolences to all the family and friends affected by this tragedy!