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Some PG Stations Raising Gasoline Prices

By Don Hawkins

Friday, May 30, 2014 07:32 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Unlike many other communities in Canada, Prince George made it through the Victoria Day long weekend without seeing the widely-predicted increase in gasoline prices.  However, this weekend is a different story.

Nothing special going on in terms of it being a holiday weekend, however we are inching closer to the official start of summer, and some service stations are raising their prices.

The pump price at Costco is still the cheapest in the city at $131.9 per litre.  Twenty-two stations are charging $134.9, there is one at $135.9 and there are 12 other stations now charging $145.9.

Hang onto your hat, Martha, the barnyard door may have blown open.

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Consumers are being raped without lube for diesel and nary a peep in the media about it?
Maybe the stations heard you like it sans lube there dragon. Thanks for taking one for the team though as I save a few dollars every time I fill the car since Costco's gas bar opened.

Today's clean diesel costs more to produce and still have a ways to go before getting to euro standards that the European manufactures are pressing for so they can bring their latest oil burners here.

Try biting your lip next time.
Given that most of the higher end octane gas, including that at Costco comes from the Husky Refinery it would be reasonable to expect lower gas prices generally in Prince George. It is possible the the cost of transporting ethanol treated gas would actually make it more expensive than the higher octane no ethanol gas, but rather than price the non-ethanol gas less, it is priced to push a particular agenda.
What I can't get over is the fact that people still patronize these gas stations that are charging a lot more than the lowest priced ones. I guess they get what they deserve.
ewitt: Costco doesn't sell diesel yet.
Dragonmaster was talking about diesel, not gas.
No Costco station sells diesel and I doubt they ever will but since they opened the gas bar here the price of gas has gone down and the price of diesel at all the other stations has gone up to help them compete with costco on gas price and that works for me.

Before Costco came to town gas was $1.43 and diesel $1.30 but now is the exact opposite.
With the higher diesel price those brainiacs who have chipped their truck to get more horsepower will begin to realize that "horsepower" is nothing more than raw fuel i.e. black smoke coming out of the tailpipe when they are pulling away from a stop or going up a hill under load.
Is the Costco honeymoon over? I wonder how many memberships they sold over the past while?
Costco does it to bring people into the store, they don't sell gas because they want to compete with the likes of Shell, Esso or PetroCan, so expect Costco gas to always be the lowest in town.
Ethanol the idea is to cut c02 emissions if you believe in that bs but resulting in a decrease in power and burning more fuel to go the same distance as non ethanolfuel fuel. Does not make much sense.
"Given that most of the higher end octane gas, including that at Costco comes from the Husky Refinery it would be reasonable to expect lower gas prices generally in Prince George"


You aren't buying your gas from the Husky Refinery though, you are buying it from fuel re-sellers who charge whatever they think the market in PG will support.

The oil companies have you over a barrel (an oil barrel perhaps?) and you can either suck it up and pay what they charge or you can use less gas and save yourself some money.

Oh, I suppose you could also lobby your MLA or MP to investigate gas price fixing and they will turn around and tell you that it doesn't happen, so you are back to the first two options, LOL.
Since Costco gas bar opened I have not used any other gas bar in this town I also support Costco where I can . If you go to the one in Bellingham it's alot cheaper than in Canada .
I live in Vernon... yesterday when I filled my car up with gas it cost 144.9 and that was for the cheapest grade.
Just got back from a big road trip around BC. EV charging stations were spotted all over the lower mainland including Vancouver Island. Also seen the EV signs in Kamloops and Vernon. Tesla motor company recently opened up their first Canadian dealership in Vancouver. When you buy a Tesla model S you get free fill ups at Tesla charging stations. There is even a phone app to plan your road trip according to the location of the charging stations. Sure the car is a little pricey for now but they will get cheaper. For those that don't know what a Tesla model S is go the consumer reports website or youtube and look at their review. They claim it is the best car they have tested period in the history of car testing at Consumer reports.

Same road trip gas prices were all over the map. Lowest was 1.31/litre highest 1.51/litre.
Chevron is the only gas bar that sells non ethanol blended premium fuel. Even Costco's premium has ethanol in it.
I still see people paying 11 cents more for gas when they could cross the street and save money. Maybe people don't care what gas prices are.
Shell doesn't have ethanol in the 91 octane either.
I thought Costco trucked their gas in from Spruce Grove?
I use their Amex and save even more. And their attendants make a living wage. Win, win for me.
The downside is, I believe their premium contains ethanol. Chevron is the only place with "ethanol free" premium. I think.
I've heard, through friends at Costco, that they have a margin on wholesale that is always maintined and the price fluctuates accordingly, vs the "let's jack up the price and see what the market will pay" mentality of others.
Oops....kind of repeated "no way's" ps post
Look again NMG! Unless it says ethanol free is has ethanol in it. The only way Chevron can sell the ethanol free blend is a loop hole in the regulation about the available ethanol blend. Because chevron sells the bulk of their fuel as ethanol based then they can legally offer the specialty ethanol free blend.
Third bullet on point #2:

"Shell V-Power premium gasoline in Canada does not contain ethanol"

It's also labelled as such on the pumps out here. I can't speak for how it's labelled in PG as I never used to buy fuel from Shell back home, I always bought from Chevron.