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Grow Op Busted

By 250 News

Sunday, July 29, 2007 11:41 AM

Two men have been arrested and will face charges connected to a  marijuana grow op that has been busted in Prince George.
RCMP executed a search warrant on Lisgar Crescent this morning and seized 300 marijuana plants and some grow equipment.
Names of the accused have not been released.
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I hope they have the paddle out..pffft
Ho hum. And the penalty is? And when?
There should not be any penalty as it should be a legal product, taxed and sold to the same adults that seem to be deemed mature enough to buy the most deadly drug of all: beer.

Am I the only one that knows it's the 21st century now? So many still stuck in the 19th. Makes one wonder if they can catch up before we kill each other and the planet.
Back up kevin!!!

We know what alcohol does to the human controlled or not controlled.

Have you any idea of what the long term effects of mj are???? I do! Fourty years of the joint has effected a very near and dear loved one. We do not recognize it as an illness in our system(unlike alcohol) and therefore making it legal would be a disastrous mistake, long term. It would take a Century or more to correct.

I too used to take the odd toke, but decided it and booze where not the way to hide from my problems.

I do not have the answer, but legalizing something because it can`t be stamped out is not on my wishlist.

I agree runner. Also what makes people think that growers will all of a sudden start paying taxes to the government? They broke the law by growing it. Why wouldn't they break the law by evading taxes on it?
300 plants? Probably just enough to supply the neighbourhood.
Now I trust hydro was there to cut the power to the house and the city was there to condem the place???????
If not, the mayor has got to grow some cahonnas.
Growers grow it, smokers buy it, thats the way it goes. If there wasnt a market, the growers would go broke, so we can conclude that the real problem lies with the smokers.

Did you ever try to convince an alcoholic that he shouldnt drink? It doesnt work.

Did you ever try to convince a cigarette smoker that they shouldnt smoke. It doesnt work.

You will get the same result if you try to convince a pot smoker that they shouldnt smoke pot. It wont work.

Anyone who participates in the above ie; drink, smoke, or pot, are in an advanced state of denial, and therefore are not capable of having a lucid converstion on any subject, especially one that would require them to stop doing what they are doing.

The alcoholic denies that alcohol is killing him.

The smoker denies that smoking is killing him, or a least ruining his health.

The pot smoker denies that smoking pot and driving, or doing other jobs that require precision, and concentration, is dangerous.
Have a discussion with a pot smoker after he has had a few totes, and see what I mean. Like everythings *cool* man.

It has nothing to do with the 18,19,20,or 21st century. It has everything to do with selfishness, self gratification, and self centeredness.

If you tell a pot smoker that to jump out of an airplane without a parachute is dangerous. He will agree with you. If you tell him that to put his hand on a hot stove is dangerous he will agree with you. The list goes on and in every instance he will agree, until you say that smoking pot is dangerous to him, and to people around him, and then **Walla** he disagrees with you.

Valid statements
OK, try again, goof ball.

Valid statements, but what is the answer to the stuff that damages our fellow humans?

I agree completely Palopu.
Having grown up in the 60's, I still know a few long term weedeaters and I can honestly say there isn't a lot of grey matter left with most of them.
And many of them have had a hell of a time holding a job throughout their lives as well.Getting out of bed in the early morning seems to be a problem.
That may not apply to all pot puffers, but it is a chronic problem with many.Sitting around digging to the headphones is the perferred pastime as opposed to working.
That and eating of course.
I once went on a serious hike with a couple of guy's and one was a long term pothead.It was amazing to see, as he did the entire trip in a cloud of smoke and trailed far behind the rest of us.He said he was more in touch with his surroundings than we were because of the weed so he traveled slower to appreciate it!
There IS long term effects to smoking pot but you will NEVER get a stoner to agree with that.
I know a couple of them that have smoked for 40 years and I will not ride with them!These guy's are driving stoned and deny it is a problem...hello?
Well it is a problem, and that's just plain scary, just as it is when people drive drunk.
There is no difference.
Ok, having said that,we will now wait for the lectures on the benefits of pot and denials!