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Snow As Deep As 70cm Hits Prince George Area

By 250 News

Monday, March 03, 2008 05:19 AM


Snow blower gets buried in snow that fell overnight in Prince George.            

Prince George-    Depending where you live, heavy snow has hit the area and while traffic has been moving in the bowl area of the city after 27cm  (1 foot)  of snow fell in the higher elevations ,  that figure however increases  as you move onto the Hart  and north  where as much as 40 cm of snow has fallen.

At Ness Lake residents are reporting snow as deep as 25 inches (60cm) It is not known what school buses will be running in the region as police have reported that the snowfall in the bowl area of the city is much less.

The snowfall  rcorded at the Airport was 22cms,  more than double the old snowfall record for this day  of 10.4 cms set back in 1950.

All of the schools are open, however, the bus drivers  have been advised they can cancel their bus at their  own discrection so, the following school buses  have been cancelled:

4 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 13 / 18 / 19 / 48 / 62  all the Francophone  school buses are cancelled.

The heavy snowfall warning remains in affect. This is how Enviroment Canada sees it at 5am this morning.

A vigorous cold front is sweeping across the central interior early this morning and has already given 10 to 20 cm of snow to the central interior overnight. An additional 5 to 10 cm of snow is expected in the Prince George, Williston, North Thompson and McGregor regions this morning. Other regions will receive snowfalls but total amounts are expected to remain below warning levels. The system will weaken and move southeastward later this morning leaving a few flurries or showers in its wake by early afternoon. Locally heavy snowfalls of 10 to 20 cm may develop over high mountain passes including the Coquihalla. Allison Pass and Rogers Pass later this afternoon as a westerly flow of unstable air flushes across the province behind the cold front. After a brief warming this afternoon, temperatures are expected to plummet below freezing tonight as skies generally clear and a ridge builds in from northwest.

If the area you live in is under a heavy cover of snow, contact us at   we  would like to hear from your area.

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Holy Crap!!!! 60 cm just north of the City off North Kelly. And still falling. I may have to take the day off.
You gotta feel for my poor miniature daschund, he went out to do his business this morning and looked back at me with an incredulous look on his face. 25 inches of snow - how am I supposed to deal with that?
No problems with the gas guzzling SUV that we apparently do not need in the north. Made it to work today at the expense of the environment.
At least the people that invested in snow blows etc will make some last minute cash.
With potholes bigger than the diameter of my car wheels and this snow. Im buying an gas guzzling SUV.
Wife had to take my 4x4 this morning,not a hope her little car would make it.
Sure a good thing we don't need that truck!
Just heard on 94 X a list of school buses that aren't running. Bus 7 Ingledew isn't running from our area to Heather Park. My son and I measured 17 inches on the path I had to shovel this morning so my little dog could use the bathroom. Our van is somewhere parked on Aberdeen as our road isn't done yet and husband can't get up the hill after hockey last night.... Sure miss my jeep!

:) My kids are loving me today....I don't want them on the highway in this.
I made it to work in the bowl my non-gas guzzling hybrid from the Hart.
It was as deep as my windows on my pick-up in some spots this morning. I had 36" snow balls rolling up my hood and over the top when I hit a snow drift....
Just think Al Gore is sitting in his new condo on the Miami waterfront waiting for the sea to rise, eh Todd.
Made it to work today in my Civic, phew.

The Hart was ploughed this morning before 06:30 so of course a why?brid can make it. Thank goodness. My fuel efficient diesel one ton four by got me to the hwy, a car of any description would not have.
This stuff packs down really well on the main drags. Easy to drive in the bowl and up University to CH.

The fun will start when the City realizes it will be warming up a few more degrees this afternoon or so and they will wait for the stuff to melt. Then we get hit with cold temps overnight until the end of the week when it is projected to stay above freezing at night.

I was in Ottawa recently. They were predicting 10cm there overnight. They had warning BEFORE the snow hit to not park downtown and the main streets since crews will be out plowing to take care of the snow as it falls.

That amount of snow did come and the main streets were plowed by the time I drove around late in the morning.

They do use a lot of salt there. With temperature about -6C those same streets were bare but wet.
2-3 feet in the snowbelt. Still coming...

Definition: What you get when you combine February and March into one long month.

Happy Farch, everyone.
This should set up Purden & Tabor ski areas
for a good extension to their seasons. Any one heading into the backcountry today or the near future, don't take chances there is always a safe way in or out & nothing wrong with waiting for another time.
I love it when it snows like this.
Sure does make the roads smoother.
That groundhog must've been a tad bit loopy at the time.
has it quit snowing there yet?
All the francophone school buses are cancelled.
I always knew the french couldn't drive.
Fills the pot holes and covers all the trash and dust....PG has White snow? I never new thatuntil today.
Seamutt, you are correct. Al Gore and all the idiots that believe his propaganda should be here today.
If it wasn't for my Durango 4x4 I would have never made it to work this morning. I'm up in the Hart and the snow on the streets in my subdivision was 2 feet deep. Obviously those green idiots that pushed for the carbon tax don't live in the north. I'm keeping my gas guzzler!
If it wasn't for my Durango 4x4 I would have never made it to work this morning. I'm up in the Hart and the snow on the streets in my subdivision was 2 feet deep. Obviously those green idiots that pushed for the carbon tax don't live in the north. I'm keeping my gas guzzler!
Is it the Carbon Tax, and not lack of snow removal that's keeping people from getting to work safely now?

Always something, isn't it...
A friend of mine called from Chief Lake - 40".

He got down his street by repeatedly ramming the snow with the front of his truck, then cleaning off the hood and windshield to see, then doing it some more.