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Premier Shuffles Cabinet

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Monday, June 23, 2008 02:56 PM

Premier Gordon Campbell realigned the provincial cabinet today  and  Prince George North MLA Pat Bell has moved up in the ranks.    Bell, who was the Minister for Agriculture,  becomes the  Minister of Forests and Range.  The former  Minister of Forests and Range, Rich Coleman,  retains  Housing and  adds, "Social Development.".

“Our government will continue to work as a team, concentrating on the issues that all British Columbians have told us are important to them,” said Premier Campbell. “New ministry portfolios will enhance programs focused on training and skills development and provide new and ongoing opportunities and supports for children, seniors, women, new British Columbians and those most vulnerable. They will also directly respond to British Columbians’ call during the Conversation on Health for government to focus energy on healthy living.”

New ministers appointed today include:
·        Minister of State for Intergovernmental Relations – Hon. Joan McIntyre
·        Minister of Community Development – Hon. Blair Lekstrom
·        Minister of Healthy Living and Sport – Hon. Mary Polak
·        Minister of Labour and Citizens’ Services – Hon. Iain Black
·        Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts – Hon. Bill Bennett
Ministers with new portfolios include:
·        Minister of Agriculture and Lands – Hon. Stan Hagen
·        Minister of State for Mining – Hon. Gordon Hogg
·        Minister of Finance and Minister Responsible for the Olympics – Hon. Colin Hansen
·        Minister of Forests and Range – Hon. Pat Bell
·        Minister of Housing and Social Development – Hon. Rich Coleman
·        Minister of Small Business and Revenue and Minister Responsible for Deregulation – Hon. Kevin Krueger
·        Minister of Technology, Trade and Economic Development and Minister Responsible for the Asia-Pacific Initiative –   Hon. Ida Chong
Ministers retaining existing portfolios:
·        Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation – Hon. Michael de Jong
·        Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development – Hon. Murray Coell
·        Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism – Hon. Wally Oppal
·        Minister of Children and Family Development - Hon. Tom Christensen
·        Minister of State for Childcare – Hon. Linda Reid
·        Minister of Education and Minister Responsible for Early Learning and Literacy and Deputy Premier – Hon. Shirley Bond
·        Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources – Hon. Richard Neufeld
·        Minister of Environment – Hon. Barry Penner
·        Minister of Health Services – Hon. George Abbott
·        Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General – Hon. John van Dongen
·        Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure – Hon. Kevin Falcon
New members of cabinet were sworn into office by the Lieutenant-Governor in a ceremony today.
“This new cabinet will continue to enhance partnerships and services that build strong, safe communities in both rural and urban British Columbia by providing supports in key areas of housing and homelessness; economic development; transportation and infrastructure; and multiculturalism,” said Premier Campbell. “These changes will allow us to continue to seize on the economic opportunities of being Canada’s Pacific Gateway; ensure a healthy environment; strengthen the New Relationship with First Nations; and make ongoing improvements to health care and education.
“I want to thank the former ministers who have decided not to run for re-election for their dedication and their service to all British Columbians,” said Premier Campbell. “Every one of them brought unique skills, abilities and insights to their portfolios and every one of them has had a positive impact on our province.”

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Congratulation MLA Pat Bell. PG keeps two key positions in government.
Interesting shuffle...

Will we see improvements now? Time will tell, I suppose.
What a mess. Liberals and NDP. This is hardly a choice, your dammed if you do and dammed if you dont. We need about 10 Independents to get elected this could shift the balance of power,it would also send a message that their is an alternative.

One problem is that if the Independent splits the vote the NDP would likely get the seat.

Oh Well. You have to dance with the one you brung.